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Hello Amazing Being…

Are you ready to completely transform your sex life? I am here to open your eyes, your body and your soul to a whole new way of exploring sex, intimacy and pleasure!

You may be wanting to have more sexual confidence and fully connect with your erotic self.  You may want to feel much fuller pleasure and be able to have multiple orgasms (and even have full body orgasms for hours!)

You may want to learn how to become an amazing lover!  You may struggle with high or low sex drive or are addicted to sex, porn or masturbation, even struggling with some kind of sexual dysfunction such as PE, ED or lack of pleasure.

Maybe you are simply not getting your intimacy needs met, in transition from a break up or loss, have body confidence issues or disabilities or you are simply just craving some touch, intimacy and connection and an exploration of your sexual desires!

Are you ready to try something completely different?

I am here as your guide and I provide a safe, confidential space to explore your needs and desires in a sacred, honouring way whether you are a man, woman, couple or have disabilities. All ages 18+ and nationalities are welcome.

Please SMS or CALL me on 0406770874 to enquire and for bookings.

So, let me ask you…

When was the last time you had hours of attention focused entirely on your intimacy, pleasure and desires?

How would you like to feel 100% sexually confident, being the sexual being you know that you are meant to be?

I provide many services, please click on each one to discover them and find the right fit for you – perhaps you may want to try many of them!


I am currently based in Brisbane, however I do sometimes travel.

So who am I?

I’m EJ Love (yes, this really is my name!), EJ is the nickname that everyone calls me by and I empower and help people to heal in Love, Relationships, Intimacy and Sex. I am a fully trained and certified Tantra Practitioner / Sexual Healer and Sacred Sexual Priestess as well as being a Love, Relationship and Sex Coach.  What I offer is very unique as I like to take my clients through a journey of sexual reclamation! Through this there is an opening of their hearts to be able to have much deeper love and connection in their lives. I am so passionate about my work, it really feels much more like play!  I also run workshops and international retreats – you can read about my events here.

You can follow my sexual healing journey on Snapchat where I also share my Sex & Love Tips – add me ‘EJLoveAngel’

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I’ve lived a very interesting life…

I’ve worked in the sex industry since 2009 when I first started running swingers parties which led to interviewing pornstars whilst touring the country as an escort. During this time I discovered that people were really seeking so much more than just a sexual service. The actual human need is not necessarily for sex the activity but the need for sexual expression and intimacy which can look and feel so different to everyone.

What I discovered…

I discovered that people really want to be able to explore and connect with themselves and their deepest desires in a playful manner and accepting and safe environment allowing them to fully feel touch and surrender to deeper orgasmic pleasure! So for me, going down the path of sexual healing and sex coaching became a natural journey. I now hold space for my clients to explore so much more than they ever knew was possible! People often ask me, ‘how do people not know about this?’. Because what I will guide you into is a whole new way of looking at and experiencing sexual pleasure!

I am the real deal…

I am who I say I am and you can check out my facebook page here. I pride myself on being credible and an absolute professional. I’m also a former Radio Show Host, a Sex and Relationships Expert on an online TV Show and am a regularly featured writer for magazines and interviewed on podcast shows. You will often find me being interviewed in the mainstream media as well such as on TV and radio. As a Speaker you can come along to Sexpo where I do talks.

You are safe with me…

I pride myself on being non-judgemental so you feel safe to fully open up to me about anything and everything.

All sessions focus take place in a safe, confidential and sacred environment and are done with an honouring of both of our boundaries.  I am based on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Perth at different times and sometimes tour Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Please see my schedule at the top of this page.

NB: I am a non-smoker and do not use drugs.