Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man

I do regular talks for men on sexual healing and I also teach other women how to help their men become multi-orgasmic! The video below is of a talk that I did in my Women’s Workshop called Love and Liberate Men. Scroll down to watch the video of the talk where I go more deeply into the following:-

  • Sexual Conditioning and the Addiction to Ejaculation
  • Breaking the Addiction & Rewiring your Body for Pleasure
  • Awakening your Sexual Energy and Accessing Fully Body Energy Orgasms
  • Conscious Self-Pleasure and Edging (Breath, Sound, Touch, Movement)
  • Healing for:-
    • Premature Ejaculation (Emotional Insecurities, not good enough/worthy, unresolved mother issues)
    • Erectile Dysfunction  (fear of abandonment, betrayal and rejection)
    • Lack of Pleasure or Inability to Orgasm (Guilt & Shame, inner child healing and forgiveness)


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