What really happens at a Tantra Workshop

There seems to be a lot of misconception about what actually happens at a Tantra Workshop and even Tantra means different things to different people.

I really wanted to share about what Tantra is to me, what my experiences have been like at tantra workshops and what I teach and facilitate at my couples tantra workshop. The video below is to give everyone clarity and understanding on what to expect.. although a big part of Tantra is about letting go of expectations!

If a Tantra Workshop is something that intrigues and interests you, you can read more about the Exploring Tantra Couples Workshop here.

If you prefer to work with me one-on-one, I can take you through these practices in my tantra sessions either on your own or with a partner, please contact me to discuss your options.

For international clients, I offer skype coaching sessions. Please email me at tantraangel@outlook.com to enquire about how I can help you. You can read more about my Men’s Online Sex Coaching here.



One thought on “What really happens at a Tantra Workshop

  1. Hi there how you goin thanks so much for the tantra email was just writing to you to see of any tantra videos to watch and learn cheers thanks so much thanks heaps for your time cheers jo

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