How to Book

So how do we make this beautiful, sexy magic happen? 

  • CONTACT – Please initiate contact by Email, SMS or Calling me on 0406 770 874. Please initially give me a name, what type of service you are inquiring about and what area it’s for. Texts such as ‘hi’ or ‘are you available?’ will not be replied to. Emails to will be replied to within 48 hours, if you want a session before then you will need to contact me via phone.
    • We will be able to discuss your needs on the phone and set up a booking time.
    • Please make sure your read my client etiquette below before you book me to make sure this is the right fit.
    • In person bookings please arrive on time.
    • I will take payment at this time unless you have prepaid.
    • I will then ask you to have a shower for hands on sessions.
    • Now that business is out of the way we can get down to the pleasure!
    • You will be welcome to have also have a shower before you leave.
  • RESPECT – Please be respectful and courteous to me throughout the booking process and during our time together. It does not matter to me what you look like or how old you are, all that matters to me is the respect you show me as that helps us to connect with each other and makes for a more amazing time together!
  • CONFIDENTIALITY – It is important that myself and my clients are always made to feel safe. Your discretion is assured at all times.
  • NO MEANS NO – I understand that it is easy to get excited and carried away during the booking but if you are trying to do something I am not comfortable with then I will politely say no. If you persist then our booking will be over.
  • HYGIENE is Essential – Please be clean.
  • SMOKERS – I am a non-smoker therefore if you are a smoker, please make sure you use the mouthwash that I provide in the bathroom.
  • NO DISCOUNTS – Do not ask to discount my rates. I find it offensive and will not see at all if you ask for a discount. My rates are very reasonable for the service and quality you will receive from me and what I offer is a niche service, you get what you pay for. Discounts may be given to regular clients at my discretion.
  • NO PRIVATE NUMBERS – I do not answer private calls at all for privacy and security reasons.
  • NOTICE – it is preferable that you give me as much notice as possible. Advance appointments are preferred but I may be available at short notice if you are lucky. I do get very busy so cannot always answer your calls or get back to your straight away, but I will as soon as I can. Please be patient with me and I’ll make sure our time together isn’t rushed either.
  • NO DRUGS – I do not take drugs as my sessions cannot be done whilst under the influence of substances and this goes for you too. I do not see clients who or on drugs or have been drinking heavily.
  • CANCELLATIONS – please give me plenty of notice if you cannot make the booking time. As generally I turn someone else down so I can see you so if you don’t show up or let me know in time you are letting not only me but others down. Integrity goes a long way with me. If you cancel the day of our session I require a $50 cancellation fee.

4 thoughts on “How to Book

  1. CJ, I found your ad in our local paper, and am very keen to experience what you suggest can happen with-in the male form, I always thought the female form gets the most pleasure from bedroom time, so perhaps I need to experience a different mindset. I am more interest in time over speed with a lady, yet I find then I am a giver, and then keep on giving. So life is for living, do hope we can catch up soonish. Michael

  2. Claudia, great website that offers such great tantric potential. As discussed via email, I’ll call next weekend to confirm our booking where I am confident you will facilitate my realising the full orgasmic bliss potential on offer with a tantric massage. Looking forward to providing a positive critique after the fact. Thank you. Cole

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