Reviews and Client Experiences

Some of my clients have kindly decided to share their experiences so that it may help others. Although everyone’s experience is different as it is tailored to the individual’s needs, it will give you an idea of what you can expect in this type of session. 


‘It was with nervous trepidation that I saw EJ, I did not know what to expect! She explored my situation and sussed me out straight away.

The tantric massage that ensued was simply incredible. I had no idea how amazing it was going to be. There was a gorgeous intimacy and a crescendo whole body orgasm. I never heard of this. Why had no one told me?

I went from being in my head and dick to being in my body. It was profound. It was truly an awakening. I had another session days later which were I was in my body the whole way and it was mind blowing. EJ has started me on a journey. Thank you.

Do this. I can’t recommend EJ more highly.’


‘EJ was the best thing I have ever found on Google!! She touched me in places I didn’t even know existed… I felt like I was being treated like a King… I will be coming back and again and again…. Don’t miss out on her tantric massage!’


 ‘My wife passed away a few years ago and I haven’t been able to put myself out there to meet anyone new. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to perform in the bedroom.  Seeing EJ, helped me jump over this hurdle! She did a tantric massage and healing for me which also led to a full body orgasm! I thought I would have to go on those silly pills but I know now I have nothing to worry about and am ready to put myself out there again! I’m absolutely speechless and will be smiling for the next week!’ 


‘I gave myself a reward by coming to see you and I’ve never felt better! Even your hugs are powerful. I could feel your energy right through me. What an eye opener! I don’t know what you did but it wasn’t normal. Now laying in bed beyond speechless. Just sublime. Still tingling hours later! You are an angel from heaven


As a loving, devoted couple wanting to expand our tantric experiences and knowledge discovering EJ was a gift. Her gentle feminine grace is infused with the subtle yet powerful energy of a tantrika / goddess. The space (room) was energised with crystals, candle light and soft music – set with the intention for our evolution into loving oneness and the higher self.
Even though the process is exquisitely physical with warmed oils, applied with sensuous, erotic touch; the outcome is much more than just touch… it’s beyond the body… it is the raising of consciousness… combining bodies, emotions and thoughts. Together these elements merge to create a greater sense of oneself as individuals, as a couple and as devine beings. This is the tantric journey. Sharing it with my beloved under the care of EJ was a blessing. We encourage couples to explore the journey into tantra, greater self love and most importantly the skills and desire to pleasure your partner into ecstatic bliss.


To put you in the picture quickly, I’m a quadriplegic from an accident 10 years ago resulting in me being paralysed from the neck down. I have no “normal” feeling from the chest down and the rest is just different variants of feeling “numbness” throughout the rest of my body. I can’t properly feel the rest of my body’s sensations such as hot/cold/pain/pleasure etc; but that’s not to say I can’t feel anything at all thankfully.

EJ and I spoke about how a tantric massage healing session would benefit me due to me not being able to have any form of sexual release in ten years (I was sexually experienced before my accident). The main aspect she wanted to focus on was connecting my spirit back with my body.

I told EJ that I haven’t ejaculated since before my accident and wasn’t sure if my body could as the paralysis can cause erectile dysfunction and an inability to ejaculate. So this was a secondary intention as I wanted to see if it was possible for me, as I had read online it is possible for people similar to me to be able to ejaculate through a lot of stimulation on specific points on the penis.

From there we planned and made an appointment for our healing session. EJ was very accommodating and came to my place as being paralysed I’m unable to lie face down on a massage bed.  I was led in bed ready for our session. EJ and I first talked about our intentions for the session with what she wanted me to concentrate on and some breathing techniques to use upon her instruction. Then EJ got her preparations ready, bringing in crystals, candles, incense, essence oil sprays and a jug of coconut oil (which smelt divine coming in my room) inside a bowl of boiled water melting the oil down so it was ready to use.

EJ lit some candles and incense, put some very peaceful music on and then cleansed and protected my room with burning sage which smelt quite nice creating a very calm, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Then EJ called upon angels and ascended masters to assist her with my healing. She sprayed certain oils over my entire body. She then performed a chakra balance with a specific crystal to remove any blockages, lying  there with my eyes closed and breathing gently away listening to EJ’s words had me drifting away in such a great headspace that’s a bit hard to describe.

Then we proceeded to the tantric massage, which was an amazing experience in many different ways of which I’ll elaborate on as best I can as it was so intense some of it’s a blur when I lost myself completely mentally and physically. EJ first poured the warm coconut oil onto my stomach and chest gently rubbing and spreading it all over my body making sure she covered everywhere equally which felt so soft and the texture of it was very pleasurable. I was nervous, excited and curious all at the same time as EJ then let me know she was going work on my two lower chakras scrotum and penis as well as keeping one hand on my heart chakra (I’m sure you’re thinking what I’m about to say) I do have feeling in my penis but it’s not 100% normal but I can pleasurable sensations when it’s being stimulated but this was more than just about the physical experience.

EJ then instructed me on a breathing technique taking deep breathes and picturing the fire energy (my choice of element) coming from my perineum up all the way through and out the top of my head with each breath.  As EJ continued my sensations in my body grew stronger and stronger my body started to convulse and spasm, my spasms pulled my legs together tight bringing my chest up multiple times each time getting stronger. EJ asked if I was ok as the spasms and convulsions were extremely intense (in a very good way!).

I started to look into EJ’s eyes and we both smiled as we’re connecting both physically and mentally, even starting to breathe at the same time. I’ve never experienced such energy sexually (including before my accident) breathing got heavier as I started to moan in tremendous pleasure from sensation in my penis that  I was surprised to feel with my paralysis issues.

EJ had various stroke techniques on the penis and massages on both scrotum and perineum and was massaging for a decent period of time making sure I was getting the most out of every second. Eventually I got to a point of satisfaction where EJ and decided to end our session but EJ said she felt something and asked if she could continue, I said yes and EJ started massaging again. Suddenly after a couple minutes out of nowhere I convulsed “big-time” and I felt a release of energy through mind head and at the same time I ejaculated, it was a surprise to EJ and me both as I didn’t get the normal feeling that we get before an orgasm. We laughed and I said something guided you to try that again.

My body was now in overload all over, with excitement and adrenaline still pumping through me. EJ gently running her fingertips all around my stomach and chest as I slowly started to relax and the intense pulsating reduced throughout my body. I was lying there feeling drained both physically and mentally but relaxed, renewed and recharged all at the same time.  A week later I noticed that I had more feeling back in my genital area!  It was an experience I’ve never had before and one I look forward to having again.


EJ and I had talked about, planned and made preparations for a tantric massage healing session; including a Reiki healing, a cutting of cords from past anguishes and a psychic reading. We first sat down and talked about our intentions from the session for a few minutes. Then she whisked me into her massage room and asked me to undress and lie on the massage table while she made final preparations. Before doing so, I first took note of my surroundings; crystals, candles, incense, tarot decks, essence oils and more. A pot of coconut oil sat atop a tray of boiled water and was slowly melting for use with the massage. As surely as my senses were already feeling at ease, so was my excitement was building.

After laying face down and shuffling about a little to become more relaxed, I heard some music begin to play. It was tribal, pure and had a certain edgy rawness about it that had me feeling very open to what was ahead. I could see through facial cut-out of the massage table that crystals were aligned underneath, the colour of each representative of those we associate with the chakra of the human body. EJ now entered and asked me how I was feeling. ‘Very relaxed,’ I told her.

I heard EJ slip her robe off and light some incense. She then performed some spiritual rites of cleansing and protection for the room and called upon angels and ascended masters to assist her with my healing. She placed her hands on my back and moved them up and down along my midline as if searching for something. Without needing me to say a word, she found the points that I could feel were blocked and used a specially crafted crystal to re-align my chakras and open up the blockages. As I lay there, simply breathing… I could feel my shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and ankles all relaxing; opening up and aligning correctly without any conscious direction needed on my part (a lot of sporting / adventuring injuries). EJ asked how I was feeling and while I could hear her, it was as though I was actually elsewhere. A few words managed to escape my lips to describe that I had not felt that way before.

She then continued with a ‘cutting of cords’, designed to assist me in releasing myself from past hurts that I had been holding onto. The physical response from this was also amazing. I had been holding the emotions from a few past relationships very close to my heart and the cutting of cords had me feeling as though a great knot in my heart was untied. I smiled briefly, for seemingly no reason other than that I was content. Keeping in mind that I could not see a thing that was happening, these physical responses to healing techniques that involved only spirit and intention were amazing to me. After the cutting of cords, EJ then placed her hands upon my back again and asked her angels for her to be clear and hear any messages for me; this was, then, the psychic reading. She spoke to me in hushed tones, each and every word resonating with what I’d had on my mind in recent times.

The tantric massage was unlike any other massage I have had to date. (I was in immense amounts of pleasure throughout the entire process, and to this day, details remain blurry. Thus, here I am as descriptive as I can possibly be.) Still face down, I jumped a little when EJ first poured warm coconut oil onto my body and began rubbing it in. She worked on all areas of me, and it seemed that she was paying particular attention to keeping each side balanced. I was a little surprised when she massaged my G-Spot a little and she could tell. ‘Is that okay?’ she asked me, to which I responded, ‘Yes, it… Feels different, but yet quite pleasurable.’ She continued to emphasise that area, including my scrotum and the two lower chakra; as well as keeping one hand on my heart chakra. This was to reconnect myself from past sexual experiences that had left me feeling disconnected from physical pleasures. I was now very excited. EJ asked me to turn over and I did so. She now continued the tantric massage on the front of my body, as she did on the rear; albeit this time emphasising my G-Spot, scrotum and penis as well as maintaining the connection with my heart. As I am circumcised, EJ and I had talked about her giving me a ‘spirit foreskin’ during the intention setting portion at the very beginning and I had agreed, curious to see if I could gain extra sensation in my penis. She performed this without touching me, yet I could feel a physical sensation during the process. Continuing on with the massage, I was finding it harder to breathe steadily and lay still. My hips were thrusting and my back, arching. My entire body felt alight with sexual energy unlike before and I was moaning, panting, convulsing… All against what I would normally make conscious efforts to control.

This continued for what felt like considerable ‘time’ and I heard EJ ask me if I wanted to ejaculate. I was so tempted to say yes, but I already felt more satisfied than five… Maybe ten, or more ejaculations combined would normally have made me feel. This was a full body orgasm. Additionally, I had not set out with the intention to ejaculate for this session. And so as the intensity of the massage began to reduce, so did I feel as though I was coming back to earth. I lay there, still brimming with excitement; my endorphins rushing yet feeling so relaxed. If was unlike anything I have felt before, or since.

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