Men’s Sex Mastery – VIP Program


MEN – Are you ready to learn to become a Master of Sex?? Do you want to make her knees weak and guide her into having multiple and full body orgasms? Do you want her to want you so badly, that she is yearning for your touch and to be penetrated, waiting for you to rip her clothes off? Or perhaps gently, erotically take her clothes off and tease her until she can’t take it anymore!!

Do you want to be absolutely confident in the bedroom, being able to last longer and become harder and even learn how to make your cock naturally larger? Do you want to feel extended and stronger orgasms?  How about full body orgasms that last for hours?!

Then get ready to go on a deep sexual journey with me where I will guide you into becoming a master of sex. Over the course of a minimum of 7 sessions we will explore intimacy, pleasure, fun and sexploration where I will guide you into becoming deeply intimate and a master of your own sexual energy!

There are really no limits to what we can explore together here. This may include all and any of my services dependent on boundaries and where you are at, what I feel you need and what you want to get out of our sessions, which I will custom design based on your desires.  It is a mix of coaching, healing and intimate touch practices where I create a very safe space for you to learn and explore your sexual desires and what you can experience and help a woman to experience in the bedroom.

We can do our coaching via Skype if we are not in the same city and I have colleagues that I can recommend you to for your in person intimacy, tantric bodywork and/or sexual practice if you want and if I feel you need this to be part of your experience.

Our sessions are custom designed based on your needs and may include learning and experiencing the following:- 

  • Lasting Longer and becoming harder (I’ll even share with you my natural cock enlargement secrets!)
  • Having fuller orgasms including fully body energetic orgasms for both you and her
  • Sexual Confidence
  • Becoming super attractive to women and/or your current partner
  • Giving and receiving touch and pleasure
  • Tuning into her body and giving her ecstatic pleasure
  • Tantric / Erotic Massage – giving and receiving
  • Breast and Yoni Massage
  • G-Spot Orgasm Technique
  • Worship Rituals
  • Love and Relationship coaching
  • Healing ED and PE and any other sexual issues
  • Addressing Porn, Masturbation and Sex Addiction
  • and more….

When you experience this journey with me, you will walk out feeling like a confident sexual man who knows how to truly pleasure a woman, feeling sexually empowered and stepping fully into his masculinity. What I will teach you will make you see sex in a whole new light! Even if you think ‘you know it all’, trust me when I say this, I can guarantee you that you are going to learn about sex like you have never heard of before! If you follow what I teach you, it will have a woman feeling magnetic to you, opening herself and her body up to you and begging for more! You will be able to feel a whole new realm of pleasure in your body  and this whole experience will change your life forever! Now, wouldn’t that be amazing?

This is ONLY for you if you are ready to commit to going on a deep sexual healing journey which requires your commitment and willpower. We begin with a 28 day non-ejaculation journey where I guide you into practices that help you hold your sexual energy.  At the end of the 28 days we will do an ejaculation ritual practice session together (if we are not in the same location I will guide you into a self-pleasure ejaculation ritual or send you to someone I recommend to practice with).

This program is custom designed therefore prices vary dependent on this. This is not for everyone and not everyone is truly ready to go on this life changing journey, so we will need to discuss if this is the right for you.

Credit card payments and bank transfer are also available. Please contact me here to express your interest and enquire.