Women’s Sexual Healing Program


I run the Soulgasmic Woman’s Tantric Sexual Healing Program that takes your Sex Life to a whole new level! This is a 4 week online intensive program where you will Access your Authentic Sexual Power and really get to live a Fully Juicy Orgasmic Life!!

This is for you if you can resonate to ANY of the following:-
• Feeling like maybe there is something shut down inside
• Have a hard time getting excited and getting connected to your desire or you are unable to contain your desires
• Only able to have one or two types of orgasms or not able to orgasm at all
• Struggling with feeling and fully surrendering to pleasure
• Have experienced sexual abuse
• Experience numbness and/or pain during sex
• Feel like sex can be a chore or boring at times
• Have used sex to validate self, feel worthy and as a way to get love.
• Body image issues, feeling not good enough at times or not desirable / sexy.
• Have felt shameful, guilty or dirty after sex
• For singles – can’t seem to find anyone that you are truly willing to share your sexual energy with, unable to trust and fully surrender to them.
• In relationship – your partner may not be pleasing you or you don’t have the drive yourself or maybe already you have a good sex life and you just want to take it to the next level, you just know that so much more is possible and you want to try new things!!


• Fully open yourself up to a deeper more intimate connection where you feel safe to trust, surrender and let go.
• Experience a full range of orgasms including full body energetic orgasms that bring you longer lasting pleasure and open up your body like never before
• Reconnect to your body and sexual energy to open up the part of you that is shut down and clear any emotional blocks and clear energy from past lovers
• Have longer lasting, more intimately connected lovemaking sessions, knowing what it means to truly have ‘Soul Sex’
• Heighten sexual chemistry and deepen your connection with yourself and your lover, allowing yourself to be truly seen (or attract a lover who you feel safe to trust and let go with)
• Heal shame, guilt and sexual abuse trauma held in the body
• Be able to communicate your wants and desires easily so that both you and your lover get your needs met
• Feel confident, worthy and feel totally liberated as a sexual woman.

If you resonated to any of the following, then you need to do this life changing program. Follow the link here for more info