Bali Tantra Retreat



for Men, Women – Singles or Couples

Jan 15th – 22nd 2019

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This 7 Day Tantric Immersion is open to men, women – both singles and couples who want to connect deeper with themselves and with others, who want to empower themselves in their relationships and sex life through conscious relating and tantric practices and rituals.

We will explore:-
– Understanding what Tantra actually is and the profound power of sexual healing
– The importance of boundaries and consent when it comes to pleasure and exploring practices around this
– Conscious communication both in and out of the bedroom to create more vulnerability and emotional safety
– Understanding the difference between how men and women are wired and what each of them truly needs from each other to experience a deeper level of intimacy and connection
– Exploring Men’s Sexuality, Sexual Issues and Sexual Healing Practices for Men
– Exploring Women’s Sexuality, Sexual Issues and Sexual Healing Practices for Women
– How to hold space for a woman so she feels fully safe to open up sexually and surrender to pleasure.
– How to hold space for a man whilst being in your feminine energy, making him safe for him to fully express himself.
– Shifting out of friction-based sex and into surrendered sexual expression where you can both have the most intense pleasure and orgasmic experiences of your lives
– Tantric Breathwork – incorporating breath, sound, touch and movement – these practices help you to reach full body orgasmic states (with regular practice)
– Learning and Practicing Lingam Massage for Men and Breast and Yoni Massage for Women.

– Embodying masculine/feminine polarities; building attraction and heightening chemistry in romantic relationships.
– Sex Magick Ritual for Powerful Manifestation
– Temple nights invoking inner/outer embodied practices
PLUS – Traditional Balinese experience where will we take you to a sacred site for a blessing, cleansing and healing.
If you are coming with a partner you will be welcome to remain together for all the rituals if you prefer.
NB: All practices are entirely optional and although this is relationship and intimacy based, intimate touch is only done within consent and boundaries and is the first teaching of the retreat.
Once we have your application form Aaron will contact you to set up a time to chat. Payment plans and packages are available.
Both Singles and couples who want to understand themselves and each other and connect on a much deeper level and have the love and sex lives they truly desire.
It is also for you if you would like to learn more about how sacred sexuality can awaken, heal liberate you and expand your consciousness.
If you work within conscious sexuality or want to, this training is highly recommended for you, and you will be welcome to take what we teach you to use these practices with your clients.
3pm on 15th Jan – 1pm on 22nd Jan
Via application process – APPLY HERE NOW
ACCOMODATION – is included.
FOOD – is included.
FLIGHTS AND TRANSPORT – you will need to arrange yourself.
‘As a man in the world who does the internal work, to receive such an overwhelming amount of apology and understanding of us men, my masculine just feels so worshipped and supported. It makes all the work inside feel celebrated and worth it. It makes me want to keep going at it.’
‘I’ve never heard anyone speak about things I’ve struggled with my whole life in this way. It allows me to work through a lot of the pain I’ve been through with women’
‘I’ve never been apologized to by a woman in this way, it was an amazing feeling’
‘I only cry 2-3 times a year and I was crying like a baby for 30-40 mins, it was such a powerfull healing for me, thank you so much!’
‘It really allowed me to receive my partner, it brought us closer together. It helped us work through balancing the masculine/feminine in our relationship and to work through some things from my childhood. It really highlighted the importance of bringing men and women together’
‘Hi Ej, Such a potent workshop. I am still assimilating all that information. It was beautiful to witness the surrender of woman. Thank you for creating this workshop, it shakes your foundations in a good way and I will never be the same.’
‘EJ, I just wanted to say again thank you so much for yesterday. The work you do and the energy you teach from is pure, passionate and love filled. I got a lot out of yesterday. The content was all things I was hoping we would cover!
It is fantastic you have another running – it’s truly one of the greatest workshops I’ve ever done. I really enjoyed the group we had and I’m stoked I could contribute.’
EJ Love is a Love, Relationship and Sex Coach and Tantric Sexual Healer. She has been aptly dubbed the ‘Love Priestess’. She helps people to heal and empower themselves in their relationships, love, intimacy and sex and has worked intimately with men for over 8 years.
Speaking from her own personal experience, she travels the world sharing her message through speaking events, media, radio shows and writing articles, books and blogs as well as often being interviewed on mainstream TV.
Aaron Kleinerman is a Transformational Sex and Relationship Coach & Facilitator. He came from a childhood of complete chaos, dysfunction and at a young age completely lost faith in humanity. After attending the prestigious US Merchant Marine Academy, he found a great job, traveled the world and made tons of money, but realized he wanted more. His soul journey brought him close to death numerous times on both the high seas and his travels to remotes places across the globe.
Aaron went from being a licensed captain navigating ships to a sexual behavior and movement specialist navigating souls. His workshops, retreats, sessions and speeches help humans integrate body movement, psychology, sexuality and spirituality. He speaks and shares honestly and transparently so that others can unlock the real reason for their human existence. Aaron is now fulfilling his own dharma and has dedicated his life to helping humanity wake up and remember their soul’s unique gift.


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