Where are you based? 

I am currently touring around Australia, please keep an eye out on my home page for details of tour dates. If you would like to request I tour somewhere or would like to book me for a travel companion overseas please contact me. Details of location will be given when booking an appointment.

If I drive is there parking nearby? 

There is often free parking near where I am staying.

Do you have shower facilities?

Yes, you will be asked to use the shower before your session and welcome to use it after your session.

How much do you charge?

Please see my rates here

Do you offer hand relief or a happy ending?
Whilst the massage I do includes massaging the lingam (penis) or yoni and can include orgasm it is a somewhat different experience from a massage with hand relief.  I hope you will find it to be a much more profound one. The page on Tantric Massage explains this in more detail.

Can I orgasm more than once during the session?
Whilst I do allow ejaculation towards the end of the session, I encourage you to try to let go of your attachment to this form of release. Orgasm and ejaculation are actually different, and it is possible to have an orgasm without ejaculation and this is what we will work towards. We want to spend as much of the session as possible building the energy so that your experience can be at the very least more highly pleasurable and hopefully also more deeply profound.  If it should happen that you do release unintentionally early on during the session there will be no judgement around this and no need for any feelings of guilt or shame.

Do you include prostate massage?
Yes, sessions can include prostate massage if desired. Please request.

Do you wear gloves during the massage?
I always wear gloves when doing internal prostate work. If I have any cuts on my hands I will always wear gloves whilst massaging the lingam or Yoni in case you have any condition that would require me to protect my health and that of my other clients.  Please be responsible and tell me if there is a condition that you have that I need to be aware of. Having said that, there will also be contact between parts of my body (other than my hands) and you during the session and on your lingam which creates a much deeper connection and level of intimacy.

Can I touch you during the tantric massage?
If you feel the need to make a connection with me during a tantric massage it is OK to touch my body to do so, however no genital touch on me is allowed as this session is about you receiving, not me.  If I feel this is bringing you out of your internal experience I will discourage it.

Can I exchange massages with you?
Yes, this is offered in the intimate touch tantra and tantric sex sessions.

Do you work with any elements of BDSM?
I can include light BDSM in an intimate touch or tantric sex session. I appreciate that it can be powerfully healing and recommend seeking others who offer therapeutic work using elements of BDSM.

Can you teach me how to give a tantric massage?
Yes, if you have a genuine reason for wanting to learn this I can offer this service.

I am nervous about having a tantra session, what should I do?
If this is a new experience for you it is understandable that you may be a bit nervous about it, we can talk and connect before we begin about what you are nervous about.  If you have specific issues around your sexuality or physical performance we can also talk about these. Generally once you are in the sessions you will find yourself much more relaxed and your nerves will disappear as you become fully present in your body and out of the mind.

I want a Tantric Massage but also have some physical issues I would like deeper healing for, can you do this?
I am a sex coach and sexual healer and am able to do some deeper healing work on specific problem areas in a combined session.  I recommend a longer session for this – please contact me to discuss.


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