SLUT = Sexually Liberated with Unlimited Talents



First, let me redefine the term ‘SLUT’ for you.. I like to see it as being ‘Sexually Liberated with Unlimited Talents!’ . It is not about sleeping around, it’s about embracing ourselves as the super sexual beings that we actually are! Let’s stop the slut shaming people!

If you told me years ago that I would be publically talking about sex and my sexual experiences on social media and in the media, I would not have believed you! I would be like…’Nooooo…can I say that out loud?!’

Oh yes I can and I have and I am doing it right now!

Of course posting things like this is now my normal. Sometimes I forget that other people don’t talk like this. Often when I post about it, people say, ‘wow good on for you for putting that out there.’ I’m thinking ‘oh yeah, that’s right, other people don’t’ talk about sex like this on social media, especially about their personal experiences!’ Well why the hell not? Why this can’t be everyone’s normal? We should be able to speak openly about sex!!

Arghhhhh I’m so sick of the taboo that is keeping us so damn small.

I would rather know that everyone is experiencing amazing orgasmic deeply connected experiences instead of people ranting about how shit the weather is. I want orgasms, not the weather! Actually I totally did a post about the weather being cold the other week, but hey, at least I was also having orgasms whilst it was cold….I’m pretty sure orgasms raise your body temperature! Hmm I’ll have to test that one out!

Years ago I had a group of friends who I would talk about sex in front of and they would give me dirty looks or whisper behind my back, scared I was going to try sleep with their boyfriends! I felt totally judged. As though I was some slut. Okay, okay I did sleep around and I was a total SLUT – yes that’s me right here, over here, thank you very much. I am sexually liberated. I have talents. I am unlimited. You can’t shame me for it, because I own that shit.

Once I left those friends I went to the extreme opposite and became a swinger! I was what they called a unicorn – a single woman in the swinging scene. This was a place where not only did I feel accepted, my sexual desires were embraced and encouraged! A place where my friends actually wanted me to sleep with their boyfriends! These were my kind of people!! I felt a sense of belonging. We were all super sluts…yessssss!!!

However, I was totally disconnected and disassociated from my body. I was either drinking or on drugs and I wasn’t consciously there. I was seeking intimacy but avoiding it at the same time. Desperately wanting to be seen, but so afraid to be seen. Every swingers party was just looking for that next ‘hit’ of sexual validation, that somehow gave me a sense of worthiness.

Let’s be clear here though… Just because I chose this lifestyle from this place it doesn’t make it wrong. It doesn’t make me bad. It makes me human. And not everyone chooses it why I did. Some people really genuinely love to express themselves sexually in this way.

So from there things got even more crazy and wild (can you even imagine?!) and eventually this led to me not even wanting to have sex at all!! Which in turn led me to deep inner work and into my path as a sexual healer and coach. I have a lot more to share on this which I’ll save for my sexy confessional book I’m currently writing, you can be in first to get a $1 copy when it’s launched – get on it here.

So I have been speaking to a lot of women lately asking them what they would love to experience sexually. The response keeps coming down to that they know they are sexual beings but they haven’t felt safe to truly express themselves, to fully own themselves as the amazing sexual beings that they know they are!! They want to reclaim this part of them, the deep slutty sluts they are! Okay that wasn’t actually their words, but ultimately there is a slut in all of us and it is time to stop hiding her! To bring her juicy goodness out into the light!

And I say it is about freaking time!

Bloody Hell our sexual desires are so suppressed! Damn you society and your bullshit conditioning and control! It is crazy how much shame there is around sex and self-pleasure. Self-pleasure is one of the greatest ways that we can practice self-care and connect to ourselves as sexual beings. The shame often comes from when we are children and we are caught being sexual. Then we just do it secretly anyway, we hide it, which then creates this shame and a lack of self-worth. Then we go out as adults seeking unhealthy and unconscious sexual experiences trying to feel worth. Then we get shamed for this and feel more shame and more lack of self-worth and we often find other ways to numb and hide ourselves and it just becomes a vicious shame cycle!! Eeeeek!!

When really all we need to do is to love and embrace ourselves as the super sexual beings we know deep down truly are! To embrace the SLUT!! I say that sex education in school really needs to be around this!! Can you imagine a class on how to be a slut?! A healthy slut. Slutty Education. Slut School. Un-Religious Sexducation. Hmmm….how about a class on ‘How to be Sexually Liberated and embrace your Unlimited Talents’ – yes please!

But seriously we really need to be teaching children how to embrace their sexuality and express this in a healthy way! I would have rathered this than being taught the old boring anatomy shit that half of us don’t even remember. And really, does any man’s penis look or feel like a banana?! C’mon…please!! Actually my all girls catholic school never got taught that either. Where was my banana huh?! Interestingly, we had the highest rate of pregnancies at school in the country. However, I remained a virgin my whole school life, and lost my virginity to my ex-husband who I married when I was just 17 years..that story will be in my book too!

Oh yes…. I was the ‘good girl’!! The slut in me was a late bloomer! But when she did… oh boy did she bloom!!

So what if the key to true happiness, love and full self-worth really is just to deeply love this part of us? To connect to ourselves on a sexual level? To heal our shame that we have so deeply stored inside of ourselves? That has in fact been stored inside our genitals? That has been stopping us from feeling the full orgasmic pleasure that we are supposed to feel!!

Let’s stop the shame. Stop the Stigma and RECLAIM ourselves as the sexual beings we are!!

As SLUTS – As Sexually Liberated with Unlimited Talents!!

P.S. My Free 5 Day Sexual Healing Challenge for women is on! This is about reclaiming ourselves as sexual beings and healing the shame that has been stored in our bodies and stopping us from feeling the multi-orgasmical experiences that I know we are all capable of!

LADIES: Join in by joining my closed facebook group of soulful, sexual women.

MEN: if you want your own challenge, join me here and I’ll email you when I launch it!

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The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction

I’ve noticed a big commonality with the men that come to see me who struggle with some sort of erectile dysfunction. 

Almost all of them have been cheated on
All of them have been emasculated by their partners or ex-partners

Many of them currently have hardly any intimacy in their life (with or without partners) 

All of them feel like less of a man. 
Lacking confidence. 

Lacking sexual self-esteem which underpins all of their self-esteem. 

Feeling like they have completely lost their mojo.
What happened to them they wonder? 

Where did they lose it? 
‘There must be something wrong with me

Perhaps I am just getting older. 

It wasn’t always this way

Please tell me this can be fixed?’
I reassure them, that yes it can be fixed.

I prefer to go with the word healed. 

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with these men.

In fact, 40% of men in their 40s have ED. 
It is extremely common, yet we don’t talk about it. 

Instead we hide it and shame it and we emasculate them even more for it.  
They are emasculated by society, they are emasculated by women and other men and mostly they emasculate themselves. 

They are so hard on themselves and their self-shaming then leads to more sexual dysfunction! 
And then the issues get worse, they get more down on themselves, less self-esteem, less confidence, more lack of worthiness and so on…  
Can you see the vicious shame cycle here? 
It can end up effecting their whole life! 

It can effect all of their relationships. 

They may start avoiding intimacy all together. 

They don’t want to disappoint their lover. 

They may get addicted to porn, masturbating or escorts. 

Hoping that this will make them feel better. 

But in the end it only ends up frustrating them more. 

They end up feeling disappointed and get down on themselves.

Sometimes even leading to depression.
They may feel like it is a lost cause. 

Again, feeling like less of man. 

Then they try viagra, sprays and/or pills, which is only treating the effect not the cause. 

This is only a quick fix and will not make change things long term.
Because the cause is EMOTIONAL. 
Yes….that’s right, all sexual issues generally stem from emotions that they have numbed for years. 
This is because men are conditioned to not be emotional. 

To not allow themselves to feel. 

Because they have been taught that it is weak to feel sadness, disappointment, hurt and even cry. 
But men don’t usually come to me asking for help with their emotions though, they come to me because they want to be a better lover, they want to be confident again, they want their mojo back, they want to be able to fully make love to a woman and provide her with amazing pleasure and orgasms! 
Ultimately, they want to feel like a man again!! 
I ask them questions, like… ‘when did this first start happening?’ and generally we will pinpoint a time where they were emasculated, betrayed, abandoned and/or rejected. 

It could have been happening their whole life! 
You see ED is linked to all of these emotions.
I listen carefully to the words they use to describe what’s happened in their life, which is usually where I identify where and how they have been emasculated. 
They have often never heard anyone identify this before and link it all up and then it all makes sense to them. 

Like a lightbulb going off! 

No wonder they have not been feeling like a man, right?
This is why the work I do is so important. 

Because it is through the sexual issues that men will feel safe to access their emotions.
And I hold space for them to do this by being understanding, empathetic, by listening, by acknowledging, by appreciating and recognising their greatness, which I see in each man that comes to see me. 
I feel tears well up in me as I write these words.

Because I really do see their greatness, it’s magnificent. 

Men are amazing creatures! 

It is my purpose to help them feel and see how amazing they are too. 
So not only does helping them to heal sexual issues help them to be a better lover, but it gives them their confidence back, it gives them greater self-esteem, it clears past resentments so they can have a more connected intimate relationship, it heals their shame and makes them feel worthy, it liberates them from emasculation, it opens their hearts and it makes them feel like a man again! 
It is then like a ripple effect out into their whole life, everyone in it and the world around them. 
So you are probably wondering exactly what I do with men to help them with this? 
Well…. there is a lot that I do! 

I should probably do a video on this and I will do one day soon. 
In the meantime though I will share with you one thing that I’ve been exploring and is a very powerful Sexual Initiation Ritual. 
I have to say these are the most awakening, transformational sessions I have done with men to date. 
There is an initial coaching session so I can identify the emotional blocks and then I give them some pre-work to be done before they come for the sexual initiation tantric bodywork session. 

The pre-work is where I have the man focus on clearing underlying blame and resentment from being emasculated, abandoned, rejected and/or shamed, depending on what their issues are. 
This requires some journalling and clearing this out of the body through some emotional release tools and tantric practices. 
We will then go into a 3 hour Tantra Sexual Initiation Ritual, effectively taking them from emasculation into empowerment, initiating them from boy into man, like a right of passage. 
This is the role of a Sacred Sexual Priestess, to initiate men into their greatness and to open their hearts! 
It is such an honour to hold space for this. 
So if this resonates and you are struggling with any sexual, emotional or relationship issues and feel called to be initiated please contact me. Even if we are not in the same area I can still coach you via Skype and then refer you to one of my sista priestesses in your area for bodywork if I feel you need it.  
Women, if you feel called to do Sacred Sexual Priestess work and initiate men please also contact me. 
I am extremely passionate about this work and I believe it is the key to sexually liberating men, opening their hearts and transforming their relationships xx

Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man

I do regular talks for men on sexual healing and I also teach other women how to help their men become multi-orgasmic! The video below is of a talk that I did in my Women’s Workshop called Love and Liberate Men. Scroll down to watch the video of the talk where I go more deeply into the following:-

  • Sexual Conditioning and the Addiction to Ejaculation
  • Breaking the Addiction & Rewiring your Body for Pleasure
  • Awakening your Sexual Energy and Accessing Fully Body Energy Orgasms
  • Conscious Self-Pleasure and Edging (Breath, Sound, Touch, Movement)
  • Healing for:-
    • Premature Ejaculation (Emotional Insecurities, not good enough/worthy, unresolved mother issues)
    • Erectile Dysfunction  (fear of abandonment, betrayal and rejection)
    • Lack of Pleasure or Inability to Orgasm (Guilt & Shame, inner child healing and forgiveness)


Embodying being SEXUALLY LIBERATED with UNLIMITED TALENTS (aka a SLUT)…. that’s how you celebrate being a woman. 
As some of you know I have reframed the term SLUT to the above, where I reclaim this part of me. 
This part of me that is a sexual being and refuses to be shamed for that. 
This part of me had been shut down, that had been afraid of the power of her true sexuality, which she had hidden behind being a ‘fake’ sexual woman that came from an unconscious and disconnected place. 
A woman who was only sexual to be wanted, to be valued, to be noticed, to be loved, to feel like she had control over men. 
Not really knowing that this way of being sexual had disempowered her and taken her out of her body where she had become numb to real pleasure.
Because how can you ever surrender to pleasure if you are always in control? 
I have since reconnected to my healthy slut. The slut in me that FEELS, that yearns, that longs to devour and to be devoured. 
That raw part of me, that wants to be unleashed and to be fully seen and honoured in her fuck energy. 
This part of me that knows when she is in her authentic sexual power where she feels it coming from within her not from external validation. 


So last night… I danced my SLUT.

And it was so freaking liberating.

I was witnessed by 20 other women, as I was fully tuned into this part of myself that I had been shamed for so long, that I have, in the last few years, deeply grown to love. 
She was so ready to be unleashed as soon as she walked into the room! 
She was then fully received and honoured by these other sluts which only spurred her into going deeper. 

I went deeper into my Slut than I have gone before and I fucking loved it!!! 
But I have realised that I have been afraid to share my Slut energy on here. 
To share photos of me in this way. Hiding this part of me to try and appear to be ‘professional’. 

Afraid that people may judge me and think that I am trying to get attention, that I am in a shadow slut, when really I feel and know that I am sexually empowered from a healthy internal place. 
The truth is I don’t want to appear to be using my sexuality and my body to get attention like I used to.

I’m afraid to be seen as one of those women who is ‘attention seeking’ without people understanding me. 

Geeeez, we are so hard on our sistas! 

And I can see that really I’ve been in self-judgement of my old ways and therefore I’ve been afraid that other people would judge me for that too. 
I’m also afraid of the attention I would receive from men. 
Because I have been afraid to be objectified. 

It brings up feelings of getting unwanted attention. 

It feels yucky, as though it’s not honouring to me when they look at me in that way. 

But then there is a whole contradictory part of me that actually likes the attention, that thrives off of it, that wants to be noticed, appreciated and wanted.
I’m afraid to go there, to feel that, when I’ve worked so hard to heal myself and to stop using my sexuality to get attention. 
So it’s not even really about men at all, it is really about me being afraid of the massive power of my sexuality when I truly unleash it. 

  • Am I solid enough in my boundaries to say ‘no’? 

Yes, Of course I am, because this is what I do everyday in my sexual healing and tantra sessions. 
Where we safely and vulnerably express and explore our sexual selves whilst fully honouring each other and our boundaries. 

So now I am thinking FUCK HIDING.
Fuck what people may perceive of me! 

Fuck my own stories and judgements!

Why would I dim my light when I know that I am an extremely sensual woman?! 
And I love expressing myself in this energy! 
If you watch my Snapchats, you will have seen bits of this. 

I lovvvvve it. 

I slow down, I talk seductively, I move sensually, I touch gently, I look intensely. 

I so often get told by my clients ‘you are so sensual’!
But I have been hiding this a lot in public and around my friends. 

Usually it’s either just in my tantra sessions or in Snapchat when I express myself full sensual, sexual self. 
They are like my sacred spaces for unleashing this side of me. 

I also love being naked! 
I spend most of my time naked! 

I love dressing up in sexy outfits and lingerie too. 

I’ve so missed this part of me that loves fully embodying and expressing her Slut whether that be through my eyes, facial expression, clothes, dance, breath, sound, movement and touch. 
My Slut is so ready to express herself fully, and not be afraid of what people may think. 
I asked myself this, ‘how can I be fully sexually empowered if I was not willing to claim and share all of my sexual self?’ 
Whether that be my priestess, my wild woman, my maiden or my slut energy?  
None are more valuable or better than the other and all of them are parts of me. 
So I am here to say that I will no longer hide my Slut. 
If you see sexy looking posts from me, if you find yourself judging or assuming things about me, that is simply a reflection of the slut and sexiness you have not fully owned or loved in you. 
Because I will no longer hide the full expression of my Slut – my sexually liberated self. 
She is coming out, she will dance here, she will be seductive here, she will be sensual here, she will express herself fully here! 
No more hiding, only reclaiming!! 
Who feels me with this and is yearning to embody, feel and own their slut? 
Join my tribe of SLUTS on Facebook here 
Follow me on Snapchat: EJLoveAngel

Loving Men Deeply and Liberating them Sexually

A couple of weeks ago in my women’s workshop on Loving Men, the discussion led to talking about the addiction that men have to ejaculation and how this is linked to their emotions and in turn how this can lead to sexual issues.
I often hear from women – ‘the sex is amazing but the relationship is not so great’ or ‘the relationship is amazing but the sex could be better’ or ‘the relationship is good, but sex feels a chore’ or simply ‘I need help with everything EJ!!’

So, can you have a healthy relationship and have amazing deeply connected soul opening sex?


As more and more people keep asking me about learning tantra, I keep asking them ‘what do they want to get out of it? What do they want to learn? What do they want to experience?’

Mostly the answer is, ‘I want to have a deeper connection. I want more connected sex. I want us to connect more on a soul level. I just know there could be more…’

And, yes there can be. 

And for me to answer them, it is more a case for me of, well where do I even begin?!

Now, in saying this tantra is not just about sex, that is only a teensy tiny part of it, contrary to what most people think tantra is!

Tantra is different things to different people. For me it is more about connecting to your heart and soul and showing up and fucking life in this way, effectively making love to life through harnessing the power of your sexual energy and surrendering into bliss.

It is about slowing things down, taking goal out of it and being fully present from moment to moment.

How we are in our sexual practice is reflected out into how we do life.

Are you willing to show up in surrender, bliss, vulnerability and live a heart-connected soulgasmic life?

I run a two day women’s workshop called ‘Love and Liberate Men’ where I teach women about their relationship with men and how to love them more deeply. I also teach them about men’s sexual healing and helping men to become multi-orgasmic!

We focus on how to liberate and awaken him sexually through tantra, exploring tantric practices and I give a demonstration of my tantric awakening massage!

I have been working intimately with men for over six years now and I have seen men become so heart opened and vulnerable with me as they go through profound changes, healings and sexual awakenings. I can’t even begin to describe how huge this work is!

I have alway said that I feel sexual healing is the key to awakening men.

People have no idea how much friction-based goal-orientated sex that has been conditioned to us, along with porn.

It has been numbing men’s ability to feel and effecting their relationship with women and how they show up in the bedroom. You guys have been so limited in your pleasure potential…. most people have no idea what they can truly experience!!

The VIP program I do with men is called ‘Sex Mastery’ where I initially take them through a 28 day non ejaculation journey to awaken the power of their sexual energy, to heal any sexual issues they may have and to open them up to their true orgasmically potential, to a place they didn’t even know existed!

And yes… their hearts are fucked open, penetrated by a woman’s worship of the masculine.

We then explore womens’ pleasure and how to truly please a woman through worship, understanding her body and how to tune into it and help her to feel safe to surrender to deep orgasmic pleasure.

Effectively they master their own sexual energy and are able to show up fully for a woman. They are initiated into the confident masculine man in the bedroom that they have been longing to be and this is reflected out into all areas of their life.

I just love that I am now getting to pass some of my knowledge on to other women so that they can do this for the men in their lives.

So ladies, you may want a healthier more loving relationship with a man, or perhaps better sex with your partner or you may just want deeper connection both in and out of the bedroom.

If this calls to you, please contact me at or Facebook ‘EJ Love Priestess’ so I can send you more details. I also invite women who want to work with men in a similar way that I do to contact me in exploring this powerful healing work.

Men… if you feel called to go on the journey of Sex Mastery yourself, please feel free to also contact me and let’s organise a time for us to chat to see if this is a fit for you. 

Much Love and Sexiness,

EJ Love Priestess xx

My Yoni Mapping / Vaginal Dearmouring Experience 

So after a couple of days of processing and integrating I wanted to share my experience of Vagina Mapping I had the other day. I have previously had my vagina dearmoured twice before and have self-dearmoured which I felt was very similar to vagina mapping. The after effects of these practices were phenomenal! Before them I was feeling a bit bored with sex, like it was ‘work’ and only having clitoral orgasms. But after it I was getting excited about sex and I mean super crazily excited, like my inner sex goddess had been awoken from her slumber and I had wondered we she had been all my life! I felt like I got my groove and mojo back… but better than ever before!! I also started experiencing different types of orgasms! 

How I kinda see that mapping and dearmouring works is almost like reflexology for the vagina. It pushes on different points inside that release emotional blockages generally linked to shame and guilt which cause pain and numbness and act as armour. So over time this can build up hence why we start to feel less pleasure. I wanted to do another session because I knew there was more clearing to do and even though there are amazing practices we can do on ourselves, practitioners and partners can find places that we can’t. I chose a male practitioner for this session purely because I am wanting to create more safe experiences with men and also because I knew it would bring more stuff up for me. 

Before the session we spoke about my intention and decided to focus on clearing sexual shame and guilt. We started with a light body massage then moving into yoni massage. I had set the intention for the session that it was for healing and clearing blockages in my vagina that were causing me numbness and pain. During the massage there was g-spot massage and as I started to get aroused I noticed my body shutting it down and even disassociating from it. He could tell and asked me how I was feeling and I said that I was feeling like I was trying not to tense and let go but I was worried I would orgasm, because the intention of the session was not for pleasure.

He talked about how we do receive a lot of healing from pleasure and that they don’t have to be separate, of course I know this myself being a sexual healer! 

He said ‘So what if you did orgasm?’ 

And then what came out of my mouth was ‘well I would feel ashamed’. This was a very interesting response for me to notice! 

Then he asked ‘So what if you just surrendered to pleasure?’

I said ‘I would be out of control.’

As soon as I said I thought to myself, but I don’t want to be out of control! That would be scary! Usually I am the one who is facilitating the session. I realised that I didn’t trust that men could hold this space for me, that they could hold my surrender. I wasn’t allowing myself to to feel this pleasure, because I was afraid to let go, I was afraid to be out of control. 

So he said ‘what would happen if you were out of control?’

‘I would be vulnerable.’ 

‘What would be possible if you were vulnerable?’ 

I thought to myself it would be Freedom. Ecstatic Pleasure. Feeling. Being. Receiving! Yes please!! 

Oh wow.. Lots of insight already and we hadn’t even got into the mapping part! 

We then moved into the mapping. This is where he moved his fingers around in a clock where he pressed on different points where there were blockages and there was usually numbness leading into pain and he would release it as I was sounding it out with heavy breathing, moaning out and screaming into a towel when it got more painful! Although it was painful at times, it would not be for long and I knew the profound effects it would have after were so totally worth it! 

After the session we sat down and looked at what else needed to be cleared around sexual shame and guilt using a healing modality called spiral. We also shifted beliefs so that I felt okay to surrender to pleasure! I really loved that he brought the bodywork and this technique together. 

I knew this week there would be big things come up for me to feel, clear and release. This morning I sat on the beach and I cried and I cried. It was all linked to self-worth and a feeling of not belonging. Of course this is directly linked to shame. 

OH SHAME SHAME SHAME – I really have a love, hate relationship with you!! 

Shame always shows me more of what I need to love about me. When we recognise it, it can be a gateway to love, acceptance and belonging. 

I know that healing shame is a huge part of my message and teachings. The more we heal our shame, the more we feel worthy of love, pleasure, abundance and the more we feeling belonging and acceptance, something we are all deep down seeking in one way or another. 

So who knows what else will happen this week, I can’t wait to have sex!!
I also teach self-dearmouring in my free 7 Day Sexual Healing Challenge, please click here to join

I hope you are really ready to step into healing shame, stepping into worthiness and feeling ecstatic joy and pleasure! 😉

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Why I use Yoni Eggs and G-Spot Wands


I have had a lot of enquiries about the yoni eggs and wands so I thought I would let you know my recommendations for those of you especially who are new to using them. I teach yoni egg and wand practices in my Soulgasmic Woman’s Sexual Healing Program.

For more Soulful Sex tips you can join my facebook tribe of Soulful Sexual Woman here and if you wish to, you can purchase the yoni eggs and wands here.


– Erotic Reflexology – Taoist sexologists assert that the most intense and powerful reflex points are actually the sex organs themselves. Yoni eggs will literally massage the intimate pressure-points from the inside. Once these reflexology points are massaged and awakened, women will begin to experience the multiple orgasms and sexual ecstasy that she deserves…all while sending healing energy to various organs in her body. This is going to be heightened when coupled with the dearmouring practices that I teach in my program!

– Healthy Periods – Helps with lasting periods, menstrual cramps, or PMS symptoms such as irritability or fatigue. Yoni egg exercises increase blood flow to the uterus and strengthen the muscles that help your flow pass. When you use your yoni egg regularly between cycles, your period will be shorter, lighter, and less painful.

– Orgasmic Manifestation (SEX MAGICK BABY!!)
Throughout history, the sexual organs of women have been celebrated, regarded as the central haven of health, power, wealth and youth. Every living being on earth has roots in the womb, making the womb the logical domain for a woman’s power source. Besides creating all human life, our wombs also give birth to new ideas, projects, businesses, and much more! The power and magic that women hold in their womb space is unlike anything out there. Women can literally manifest anything when this sacred energy source is tapped into.

– Healthy Motherhood – Reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy, ease labour, and prevent common postpartum issues such as incontinence, vaginal prolapse, and uterine misalignment.


You want to generally start with a larger egg and work your way down to a smaller egg as your yoni muscles become tighter.

My personal recommendations:-

– Clear Quartz – this is the one I first started with to clear energy from all the people I had sex with and picked up energy from and stored in my yoni which was causing blockages in my sexual energy and pleasure. It is the ultimate healer so you can really use these ones for everything, a great one to start out with!

– Rose Quartz – for connecting the Heart to the Yoni (I like to sleep with mine in and rest one hand on my heart and one of my yoni as I go to sleep and consciously connecting them up, also great to incorporate the breathwork practice here). Also good for manifesting!

– Green Adventurine – This is the egg I use in my Sex Magick Rituals (rose quartz is good too for this). It is great to attract love, abundance and success!

– Black Obsidian – heal Womb Trauma. They are a great aid to healing the body and soul as well as a woman’s womb by releasing past problems from sexual abuse, pregnancy loss, abortion. Think of it as a sponge soaking up all your traumas.

I teach yoni egg and wand practices in my Soulgasmic Woman’s Program.

You can purchase the yoni eggs and wands here.

Join my tribe for more sexy soulful tips:

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