Full Body Energy Orgasm


This session is specifically designed to open you up to be able to experience full body energy orgasms.

Full body orgasms not only feel beautiful, raise your energetic vibration, but are very healing as they also help to reset your nervous system and clear stuck emotions in the body that have been stopping you from feeling the full pleasure that is available to you.

We start by exploring different tantric practices to open up your body and awaken your sexual energy. This is different to a tantric awakening session as it is mostly light touching and energy work rather than a massage.

Depending on how much trauma you hold in your body, you may require a series of sessions and home practices that I give you to help open up your body and shift the blocks that are stopping you from orgasm.

I have many clients who are able to experience a full body orgasm in their first session and some that take many sessions and home practices before they get to this point. The idea is to not have a goal or expectation and to know that every session is profoundly healing whether you experience a full body orgasm or not.

This session can either be done clothed or naked, as genital touch is not required. If you would like to receive genital touch though, you have the option to receive a yoni or lingam massage.

$250 1 hour

$350 1.5 hours

Call 0405 979 400 to enquire and book this session.