Intimate Touch Tantra


I’m going to share with you a new level of intimacy… Sacred Intimacy begins with a deep connection to oneself in body, heart, and spirit.  This helps you deepen your connection to your erotic self so that you can experience more freedom, pleasure and love.

This type of session starts out fully clothed where we start by setting an intention for our time together. We will then perform an undressing ritual before exploring consciously giving and receiving touch and other tantric and intimacy exercises which can involve genital touch if you wish. We will set boundaries at the start of the session.

Exercises can include:

  • Undressing Ritual
  • Giving and receiving touch
  • Self pleasure
  • Sensual Dancing
  • Eye gazing
  • Cuddles
  • Affection
  • Massage
  • Visualisation
  • Breathwork (which helps to reach full body orgasm)
  • Lingam Massage (cock)
  • Yoni Massage (vagina)
  • These Intimacy Touch and Play Exercises will help you to:
    • Connect with more pleasure sensations
    • Give and Receive Intimate touch and pleasure
    • Create Connection through body language
    • Expand your capacity for pleasure
    • Connect more deeply with a lover/partner
    • Heal sexual shame and guilt
    • Have more confidence with a lover
    • Express your desires and feelings authentically
      • Knowing what you want
      • Being able to ask for what you want
      • Allowing yourself to want

Most people will take the exercises and skills from our time together into their relationships and life to keep exploring a whole new level of intimacy!


1.5 Hours – $400

2 Hours – $500


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