Worship Rituals


When was the last time you were honoured and served with deep pleasure? These rituals will create a sexual ‘imprint’ which you will then be able to experience in your life again and again.  All rituals begin with setting an intention, discussing consent and boundaries before moving into connection and sexual energy awakening practices. You only ever have to do what you feel comfortable with.


This is a full sensory cock worshipping experience, which starts with an undressing ritual where I honour the man that you are and lovingly touch you and open your body to fully receiving my erotic feminine energy. It will then be a complete delight for your eyes to witness me erotically dancing for you, watching me completely enjoy the pleasure of my own body, whilst desire and arousal begins to build in you.

Without giving too much away, just know that you will then be completely taken care of and looked after through teasing touch, seduction, sensuality, caressing your whole body including a tantric cock massage. I will fully awakening your senses, your body, your sexual energy and your cock!

I promise that you will be touched in ways that you have never been touched before.

Your body will be opened in ways that it has never been opened before.

Your cock will be worshipped like it never has been before! 

The intention is to honour, seduce and pleasure you and your cock with my sensual feminine energy, so that when you walk out you feel completely satisfied and re-energised.

Hour – $250

1.5 Hours – $350

2 Hours – $450

Include intimate touching on me is available for a min 1.5hr session and is an extra $50 and only when I invite you to.


For Men, I will guide you into this ritual with me.

For Couples, I will guide this beautiful ritual for a woman in the partnership whilst your partner either witnesses or I guide them into doing this for you (extra time required)

For Women, I am able to offer this for you as way to heal the relationship you have with your body and reclaim your yoni.

Would you like to know how to truly please, pleasure and worship a woman and her yoni? Would you like to learn how to help a woman re-connect to her yoni and open her to fuller, stronger, more intense and even multiple or squirting orgasms?

In this ritual you will begin by honouring the woman as a goddess through a slow undressing ritual and sensual hug, followed by a Yoni Gazing practice to help open up the yoni to be ready to be touched.

From there I will guide you into different touch practices, exploring sensation play and pussy awakening and arousal techniques.

We can also explore the art of Sacred Squirting. The release of ‘Squirting’ is known as the nectar of the Gods! Through g-spot awakening practices and through witnessing my self-pleasure you will have the opportunity to receive the nectar and worship it, as receiving a woman’s amrita is an honour.

Hour – $250

If you wish to receive intimate touch in this session you will need to book a 1.5hr session and it will be $350.

Yoni massage teaching can also be added in for a longer session (see below)

If you wish how to learn to do this, please see my Yoni Massage and G-Spot Orgasm Training page

For Couples, let me share this for the woman in the partnership whilst your partner either witnesses or learns how to do this for you as I guide him or her into the practices.

Yoni Massage is great for women who experience numbness, pain, lack of sex drive or pleasure, or who struggle to orgasm or who only orgasm in a certain way. Most women are completely disconnected from their bodies and this practice starts to bring a woman back into her body so she can fully receive pleasure and open to deeper, fuller pleasure.
A woman’s body and yoni needs to be fully alive and aroused before it can be penetrated.

We take the focus off clitoral orgasm and focus on waking up different parts of the yoni, particularly the g-spot and cervix. We may also explore edging the orgasm to heighten arousal states.
I can also show you the technique for g-spot orgasm (squirt) – all women can do this when they feel safe enough to fully let go and surrender.

For the women reading this, please feel free to join my Women’s Free 7 Day Sexual Healing Challenge to get you started on your own sexual healing journey.

1 hr – $250

1.5 hours – $350

Prostate Pleasure / Sacred Spot Ritual for Men

There can be so much shame around anal play and this ritual can be very healing as I honour you and the pleasure you can receive in this area.

Both men and women can have anal orgasms and waking up the men’s g-spot has very powerful effects on the whole body. It also helps with any sexual dysfunction, stress relief, healing any previous bad experiences with anal play and it also unblocks the sexual energy that usually gets trapped in this area. Unblocking energy in this area also helps you to have much fuller and stronger orgasms.
When was the last time someone honoured you, teased and touched your ass in a playful, sensual and gentle way?

Maybe it’s only your first or second time with anal play and you have always wanted to explore it further?

Perhaps you want to accessing the pleasure of your G-spot as a pathway to deep sexual healing?
Everything I describe is based on what level you are ready to go to. You will be surprised how much the anus opens up and relaxes when it is honoured and gently guided into opening.

I begin by awakening your whole backside including massage and teasing of the scrotum, perenium and lingam (cock). I then move into slowly massaging around the anus first before moving into the sacred spot ritual with one finger and gently opening up the anus.
I then check in with you to see if you would like me insert another finger and then if you would like a prostate toy or dildo – only to your level of comfortability. I may also gently play with your lingam during this to help relax you and then lead into a full lingam massage if you wish.

This service is $300 hr

$450 1.5 hrs

Loving Domination Ritual 

The intention behind the ritual is a way of initiating a man into his dominant energy in a loving way. My role is to be in my feminine surrender and have the man take control in a slow, conscious, sensual way through movement, touch, sound, words, tying up, blindfolds etc. This is very surrendering for a woman and incredibly strengthening for the man as it builds his power and a lot of trust is required from me to explore this.

When a man is fully trusted by a woman it gives him great confidence in himself as a man.

Hour – $300

1.5 Hours – $400  (highly recommend)

Sexual Desires and Fantasies Ritual

In this ritual we will both explore expressing our sexual desires and fantasies through words and then acting them out within our boundaries. The idea here is where you get to voice to me all your deepest, wildest, kinkiest desires without judgement or shame. This allows us to really explore and have fun!

We can either explore these or if this is not possible we explore other pleasure!  This session is extremely helpful to heal rejection or shame around your sexual desires. When someone receives your desires without shutting you down, it is extremely sexually liberating!

Hour – $250

1.5 Hours – $350  (highly recommend)

Many couples like to have these services done together, which is a wonderful way to learn how to awaken each other’s pleasure points and sexual energy. I can custom design a service for your needs. Please contact me to discuss.

Sacred Sexual Priestess Ritual – A Custom Designed Worship Ritual

Why not combine two or three of these rituals? Or perhaps there is an idea you have that you wish to explore! Please contact me to discuss your desires so I can develop a Sexual Priestess Ritual especially for you. This is a minimum of 3 hours.