Men’s VIP Sex Mastery


MEN – Are you ready to learn to become a Master of Sex and Orgasm?? 

Do you want to end any sexual struggles and be absolutely confident in the bedroom, being able to last much longer and stay rock hard?

Do you feel somewhat limited in your pleasure and orgasm and want to feel extended and stronger orgasms? Do you want to be able to feel orgasm through your whole body, rather than just your cock?

Are you wanting to learn how to manage the sexual desire that you have for women? To channel this desire into your purpose, instead of watching porn or masturbating for stress relief?

Are you wanting to know how to get your intimacy needs met with your partner or attract a lover who can meet you sexually?

Do you want to make a woman surrender to you and help her have multiple orgasms, knowing that she is fully satisfied sexually and emotionally by you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then read on…

These are just some of the things that I will teach you when you come on the journey of sex mastery with me. No matter where you are in the world, I can take you on this journey.

Since 2010 men have been opening about their sexual issues with me and the longing for the sexual desires that haven’t been met. They want to be a confident lover and  know how to make a woman truly happy, which then makes them feel like a confident man in the world.  What I discovered is that most men are needing to know how to initially master and control their own sexual energy.

So how can that happen when 75% of men only last 3 mins?!

One of the things I will teach you in Men’s Sex Mastery VIP program is how to have more stamina and more control so you can last much longer, and, yes make a woman extremely happy and satisfied!

I want you to know that you are not alone, I have literally helped hundreds of men to completely transform their sex lives through Sex Mastery. Whatever you are struggling with, it is likely that I have helped someone through the very same thing.

Sex Mastery begins with my 28 Day Sexual Healing Challenge for Men to Master their Sexual Energy, heal any sexual issues and even become multi-orgasmic!

The reason why we do 28 days is to completely rewire the neurological pathways of the brain for orgasm and pleasure. When you have been doing the same thing over and over for years, you hardwire your brain for this. This includes watching porn, masturbation, ejaculating every time you masturbate or have sex, initiating sex and being rejected by a partner, or even not being sexual enough and having your sexual energy shut down.

Like any habit, you have to spend a chunk of time away from doing things the old way and bringing in new ways of doing things to rewire the neurological pathways of the brain. I will give you all the new tools, exercises and practices to do this over the 28 days.

What the 28 day challenge can help with:- 

  • Lasting Longer and having more stamina
  • Staying hard
  • Having fuller, longer orgasms and feeling pleasure through your whole body not just in your cock
  • Experiencing fully body energetic orgasms
  • Sexual Confidence
  • Becoming more sexually attractive to women or your current partner
  • Healing Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and any other sexual issues
  • Addressing and Healing Porn, Masturbation and Sex Addiction
  • Managing your Sexual Desire and Arousal whether that be managing a very high sex drive or healing low libido.
  • A deeper connection with yourself as a sexual man
  • Deeper intimacy with a partner or lover/s
  • Bringing more joy into all areas of your life
  • Heal sexual shame and guilt
  • Heal pain from current or past relationships
  • Personal specific issues (please ask me)

Please know that this is not a quick fix or overnight solution, it will most likely require more than one session and a commitment to doing the work I set for you over that time. But it will have long term results! I will advise you on what I think you will need based on your specific circumstances. Contact me here to discuss your wants and needs.

What the 28 Day Challenge Includes:- 

  • An initial session with me, either:-
    • In person – Tantric Awakening Session – 2hrs
    • Skype – 1.5hr coaching session
  • The 28 Day Challenge Program PDF Program with everything you need to know
  • The Self-Pleasure Sexual Mastery Practice MP3
  • Lingam / Cock Healing Massage video – so you can learn how to do this for yourself
  • A copy of the book ‘The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia’
  • An optional ejaculation log
  • Extra practices and tools recommended specifically for you.


We start with an initial session where I will coach you through your situation and guide you into the practices for the 28 day challenge. An in person session will include bodywork as well, which is a tantric awakening massage. Via skype, it will just be coaching. Contact me here to discuss how to get started.


This includes the initial session and the program.

  • IN PERSON – 2hr coaching and tantric bodywork session + program – $500
  • ONLINE – 1.5hr coaching session + program – $350


Once you have mastered your own sexual energy, if you choose, you can continue on the journey of Sex Mastery by mastering her orgasm. You can read more here. You can either attend my next workshop or I can teach you this over skype or in person, where I can also take you through this in some of my sessions such as:-

Get ready to go on a deep sexual journey with me where I will guide you into becoming a master of sex. We will explore intimacy, pleasure, fun and sexploration where I will guide you into becoming deeply intimate and a master of your own sexual energy!

This is a mix of coaching, healing and intimate touch practices where I create a very safe space for you to learn and explore your sexual desires and what you can experience and help a woman to experience in the bedroom.

We can do our coaching via Skype if we are not in the same city and I have colleagues that I can recommend you to for your in person intimacy, tantric bodywork and/or sexual practice if you want and if I feel you need this to be part of your experience.

When you experience this journey with me, you will walk out feeling like a confident sexual man who knows how to truly pleasure a woman, feeling sexually empowered and stepping fully into his masculinity. What I will teach you will make you see sex in a whole new light! Even if you think ‘you know it all’, trust me when I say this, I can guarantee you that you are going to learn about sex like you have never heard of before!

If you follow what I teach you, it will have a woman feeling magnetic to you, opening herself and her body up to you and begging for more! You will be able to feel a whole new realm of pleasure in your body  and this whole experience will change your life forever! Now, wouldn’t that be amazing?!

This is ONLY for you if you are ready to commit to going on a deep sexual healing journey which requires your commitment and willpower.

Credit card payments and bank transfer are also available. Please contact me here to express your interest and enquire.