Sexual Initiation Ritual


The Sexual Initiation is my most powerful ritual that I offer, where a you will undergo a Sexual Healing Initiation into your sexual power as a man. This will shift how a man shows up in his sexuality, especially in regard to his relationship with women.

The words I often hear from men are ‘I just want to feel like a man again’ and this is because so many men have been emasculated and shamed by society and in their relationships with women, which in turn greatly effects their sex life.

The intention for the Sexual Initiation is to to clear shame, guilt, anger and resentment around sex and women so that a man can fully step into his manhood and honour and love himself as a sexual being. We clear deep blocks that have been stopping him from showing up as a powerful confident man in the world. After this ritual men will find that the women they attract or how their partner shows up with them is completely different. They attract more love, connection and find women are more feminine, more sensual and more loving even if it is with a current partner, she will even start showing up this way towards you.

We initially have a one-on-one coaching session over skype or in person, where I can talk to you about all the issues around women and I will give you a powerful healing practice for you to do to start clearing blocks which will set you up for our tantric awakening session.

This is followed by a 2hr tantric awakening session. If you want to work on healing any particular sexual issues it will be helpful for me to put you on the 28 Day Sexual Healing Journey program which we will go through in the session.

During this session we focus on taking it slow and using pleasure as a force for deep healing and go through the following process:-

RELEASE…any resentment, anger, sadness, guilt, shame and any other stuck emotions arising from past and current relationships with women.
HEAL… trauma of any type of abuse or betrayal that has occurred in both relationships and other areas of life.
RECEIVE PLEASURE in your body, opening your heart and feeling loved by the nurturing feminine touch of a woman.
INITIATED into your sexual power as man.
Sacred spot massage is also an option to add in and included. 

This ritual includes the initial coaching call, the 2hour Tantra Awakening Session and the 28 day sexual healing program – $600.