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Tantra is about awareness and connection to self and supports us in living a liberated, satisfied, and brilliant life. My Tantric Awakening Session fuses these elements together in a sublime and heartfelt way.  You can use this to help every aspect of life such as work, sex, health, love, communication.  Tantra is about surrendering to pleasure rather than putting effort into it. Being able to drop out of the mind and fully into the body. When we are fully connected with ourselves and our bodies we are able to experience our sexuality as a vital life force where we feel alive and vibrant.

Tantric massage celebrates you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. During the ritual I fully connect with you to awaken the tantric warrior or goddess within you and work with your sexual energy, moving it around your whole body. It is an extraordinary experience that will delight your mind, body and soul! It can often make you feel as if physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important…as your whole body feels the sensations! Although the focus is on the whole session, rather than an outcome, we do build your sexual energy to gradually get you to your optimum, and usually very intense orgasm!

The techniques and exercises below are to help you truly see, feel and experience the sensations in your body, your senses and your energy.

Tantric Awakening Massage techniques can include:-

  • For Men:
    • Perineum Massage
    • Lingam Massage (penis)
    • Prostate Massage (added extra $50)
  • For Women:
    • Breast Massage
    • Yoni Massage
  • For Both:
    • Breathwork
    • Orgasm
    • Energy Healing & Clearing
    • Intimate Touching

The sessions take place in a safe and sacred space and everything is done with complete consent which we agree on at the start of our session, you can read about what you may experience in a tantric massage with me here.

One hour – $250

1.5 hours – $350 (recommended for the best experience)

2 hours – $450

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2 thoughts on “Tantric Awakening Worship Session

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  2. Hi, what an impressive website and service that you offer. Tantra provides an amazing enlightenment to life, and I am fully devoted to learning and sharing more.
    I wish more girls cottoned on it or cared, which is ironic. Anyway, I would love to make a booking one day but with christmas around the corner I just can’t afford it. At the moment. Which is so wrong eh!
    Take care and later

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