Yoni Massage and G-Spot Orgasm Training


In this session we explore women’s orgasm, pleasure and healing through teaching you everything you need to know about the way a woman feels pleasure in her body and how she can open to experiencing different types of pleasure and be able to have fuller,  intense and longer lasting orgasms.

As I teach you this I will be guiding you into the techniques on me which include intimate touching, breast massage, yoni massage, a special type of finger penetration that opens up the vagina to juicier orgasms, g-spot massage and a-spot massage. I’ll also be sharing with you the anatomy of the yoni and what each part feels like when they are touched in different ways and the most amazing ways to do this, so the yoni awakens to multi-orgasmic pleasure!

I see this as the session that men wish they had been taught about women! Even most women don’t have this information!

Now…. let’s talk about the popular ‘Squirting’…

So often I get asked ‘How do you make a woman squirt?’.

I often have to smile at the words ‘make’, because g-spot orgasm is not something that you make happen, it is something that you surrender to and it cannot be forced. Clitoral orgasm is more a ‘making’ type of orgasm and therefore is much easier to achieve.

During this session I will coach you on how the G-Spot orgasm works. I guide you into practices mentioned above that help awaken the woman’s body to prepare her to surrender to this type of orgasm. I will then guide you into the technique that helps bring a woman to have a g-spot orgasm. However the key is not to have any expectations, as it is really about where her body is at and this is about her pleasure not yours and any expectation will make a woman resist surrendering. So you have to let go of the outcome!

If the time of the session permits and you are wishing to receive, I will also give you a lingam massage or other types of touch or massage at your request.

BONUS: You will also get my Yoni Massage Video and Breast Massage Video and you will get to access these forever.

The minimum time to get through everything mentioned above is 1.5 hours which is $350, however if you are definitely wishing to receive also, 2 hours would be best which is $500.

You can read more here about guiding her into having a g-spot orgasm.