SLUT = Sexually Liberated with Unlimited Talents



First, let me redefine the term ‘SLUT’ for you.. I like to see it as being ‘Sexually Liberated with Unlimited Talents!’ . It is not about sleeping around, it’s about embracing ourselves as the super sexual beings that we actually are! Let’s stop the slut shaming people!

If you told me years ago that I would be publically talking about sex and my sexual experiences on social media and in the media, I would not have believed you! I would be like…’Nooooo…can I say that out loud?!’

Oh yes I can and I have and I am doing it right now!

Of course posting things like this is now my normal. Sometimes I forget that other people don’t talk like this. Often when I post about it, people say, ‘wow good on for you for putting that out there.’ I’m thinking ‘oh yeah, that’s right, other people don’t’ talk about sex like this on social media, especially about their personal experiences!’ Well why the hell not? Why this can’t be everyone’s normal? We should be able to speak openly about sex!!

Arghhhhh I’m so sick of the taboo that is keeping us so damn small.

I would rather know that everyone is experiencing amazing orgasmic deeply connected experiences instead of people ranting about how shit the weather is. I want orgasms, not the weather! Actually I totally did a post about the weather being cold the other week, but hey, at least I was also having orgasms whilst it was cold….I’m pretty sure orgasms raise your body temperature! Hmm I’ll have to test that one out!

Years ago I had a group of friends who I would talk about sex in front of and they would give me dirty looks or whisper behind my back, scared I was going to try sleep with their boyfriends! I felt totally judged. As though I was some slut. Okay, okay I did sleep around and I was a total SLUT – yes that’s me right here, over here, thank you very much. I am sexually liberated. I have talents. I am unlimited. You can’t shame me for it, because I own that shit.

Once I left those friends I went to the extreme opposite and became a swinger! I was what they called a unicorn – a single woman in the swinging scene. This was a place where not only did I feel accepted, my sexual desires were embraced and encouraged! A place where my friends actually wanted me to sleep with their boyfriends! These were my kind of people!! I felt a sense of belonging. We were all super sluts…yessssss!!!

However, I was totally disconnected and disassociated from my body. I was either drinking or on drugs and I wasn’t consciously there. I was seeking intimacy but avoiding it at the same time. Desperately wanting to be seen, but so afraid to be seen. Every swingers party was just looking for that next ‘hit’ of sexual validation, that somehow gave me a sense of worthiness.

Let’s be clear here though… Just because I chose this lifestyle from this place it doesn’t make it wrong. It doesn’t make me bad. It makes me human. And not everyone chooses it why I did. Some people really genuinely love to express themselves sexually in this way.

So from there things got even more crazy and wild (can you even imagine?!) and eventually this led to me not even wanting to have sex at all!! Which in turn led me to deep inner work and into my path as a sexual healer and coach. I have a lot more to share on this which I’ll save for my sexy confessional book I’m currently writing, you can be in first to get a $1 copy when it’s launched – get on it here.

So I have been speaking to a lot of women lately asking them what they would love to experience sexually. The response keeps coming down to that they know they are sexual beings but they haven’t felt safe to truly express themselves, to fully own themselves as the amazing sexual beings that they know they are!! They want to reclaim this part of them, the deep slutty sluts they are! Okay that wasn’t actually their words, but ultimately there is a slut in all of us and it is time to stop hiding her! To bring her juicy goodness out into the light!

And I say it is about freaking time!

Bloody Hell our sexual desires are so suppressed! Damn you society and your bullshit conditioning and control! It is crazy how much shame there is around sex and self-pleasure. Self-pleasure is one of the greatest ways that we can practice self-care and connect to ourselves as sexual beings. The shame often comes from when we are children and we are caught being sexual. Then we just do it secretly anyway, we hide it, which then creates this shame and a lack of self-worth. Then we go out as adults seeking unhealthy and unconscious sexual experiences trying to feel worth. Then we get shamed for this and feel more shame and more lack of self-worth and we often find other ways to numb and hide ourselves and it just becomes a vicious shame cycle!! Eeeeek!!

When really all we need to do is to love and embrace ourselves as the super sexual beings we know deep down truly are! To embrace the SLUT!! I say that sex education in school really needs to be around this!! Can you imagine a class on how to be a slut?! A healthy slut. Slutty Education. Slut School. Un-Religious Sexducation. Hmmm….how about a class on ‘How to be Sexually Liberated and embrace your Unlimited Talents’ – yes please!

But seriously we really need to be teaching children how to embrace their sexuality and express this in a healthy way! I would have rathered this than being taught the old boring anatomy shit that half of us don’t even remember. And really, does any man’s penis look or feel like a banana?! C’mon…please!! Actually my all girls catholic school never got taught that either. Where was my banana huh?! Interestingly, we had the highest rate of pregnancies at school in the country. However, I remained a virgin my whole school life, and lost my virginity to my ex-husband who I married when I was just 17 years..that story will be in my book too!

Oh yes…. I was the ‘good girl’!! The slut in me was a late bloomer! But when she did… oh boy did she bloom!!

So what if the key to true happiness, love and full self-worth really is just to deeply love this part of us? To connect to ourselves on a sexual level? To heal our shame that we have so deeply stored inside of ourselves? That has in fact been stored inside our genitals? That has been stopping us from feeling the full orgasmic pleasure that we are supposed to feel!!

Let’s stop the shame. Stop the Stigma and RECLAIM ourselves as the sexual beings we are!!

As SLUTS – As Sexually Liberated with Unlimited Talents!!

P.S. My Free 5 Day Sexual Healing Challenge for women is on! This is about reclaiming ourselves as sexual beings and healing the shame that has been stored in our bodies and stopping us from feeling the multi-orgasmical experiences that I know we are all capable of!

LADIES: Join in by joining my closed facebook group of soulful, sexual women.

MEN: if you want your own challenge, join me here and I’ll email you when I launch it!

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Fucking a Man’s Heart Open

When Laurie Handlers asked to interview me for her Sex and Happiness Podcast, I jumped at the chance to talk about ‘Fucking a Man’s Heart Open’!

It is an honour to see that it has been put as one of the best of the podcast!

In this interview I share about how Sacred Sexuality practices can open a man’s heart. We explore how we can hold space for a man’s vulnerability, what’s really going on underneath his sexual desire and how we can see him seen in that without judgement.

From this place a man can open his body, mind and heart and awaken his sexual energy. This can lead to his cock becoming conscious which can then be used for powerful healing.

It has been so profound to witness men opening up in this way and I’m so excited to be able to share the work I do with men with others.

Listen to the episode here

How to Heal Porn Addiction through Tantra

Do you or have you ever watched porn all the time?
Do you find you often need to watch porn whilst masturbating?
Have you had trouble getting hard or you want to be able to last longer?

Did you know that there is a direct link between watching porn for years and a man’s ability to perform? This is because porn starts to hardwire a man’s brain for visual stimulation and disconnects him from his body and his ability to control his erection and orgasm later in life.

In the video below I talk about the effects of porn on man’s ability to perform and how it will effect him later in life.

I help men all over the world to heal porn addiction, to become better lovers and last longer through my Men’s Sex Mastery Program.

Here are some of the most common issues I help men with:-

– Can’t orgasm without watching porn or at all or can only orgasm through masturbation, not sex
– Can’t get as hard as they used to or stay hard for as long as they would like. They have some kind of erectile dysfunction
– They are bored of porn and feel somewhat numb and disconnected
– Their penis has become more numb and lacking pleasure
– Lacking sex drive or too much sex drive
– No longer feel like a confident sexual man, lost their ‘mojo’
– Cannot control their arousal and desire
– Objectify women and then make themselves wrong for it
– They cannot perform properly without seeing some kind of visual stimulation
– They have tried to give up porn and have relapsed
– They have shamed and shut down their arousal and sexual desire
– They have been to doctors, they have tried pills and nothing seems to work as is only a temporary fix – a bandaid.

If you struggle with any of this, please know that you are not alone and I am here to support you in a non-judgemental way.

You can also join my Men’s Sexual Healing Support Group: Men’s Sex Q & A with EJ

Full Body Energy Orgasm – Tantra Taster Evening

energy orgasm


6.30pm – Thu 22nd Feb Gold Coast

Are you drawn to explore and open to more of your orgasmic potential?
Did you know that every cell in your body can orgasm?
Are you curious about how a full body orgasm happens or wonder what it feels like?

Have you seen the videos on youtube where people are orgasming without even being touched?!
Have you wondered if it is actually real and if it is possible for you to experience it too?

We are here to show you that it is REAL and teach you how YOU CAN EXPERIENCE this!

In this workshop, EJ Love and Mickie Munroe will dive into the secrets of experiencing full body orgasmic pleasure!

We will not only teach you about understanding how it works, but we will also do a LIVE FULL BODY ORGASM DEMONSTRATION. 

Which is done without any genital touch, yes, let us show you the magic!

You will be introduced to tantric practices that have been used for centuries to open you up sexually and spirituality in profound ways. Both men and women will learn here how they too can experience and give full body energy orgasms.

This Evening Taster Event includes:-
– Zensual Meditation
– Explanation of the Ins and Outs of Full Body Orgasm
– Full Body Orgasm Live Demonstration
– Sex Q & A
– Sensual Tea, Strawberries and Chocolate

Everyone who wants to learn about tantra and energy orgasms!
It is also a perfect introduction for those curious about Tantra and Conscious Sexuality. Although, even those who have already experienced tantra will learn and experience something new!

No. The only practice for attendees is the Zensual Meditation which is a clothed exercise.

Broadbeach Waters. The exact address will be emailed to you just after booking. Please email me at if you don’t receive it (also check your junk email folder first)

Thurs 22nd Feb. Starts 6.30pm – 9.30pm. Please arrive on time so you don’t miss anything juicy!!

Only $44


The place where Zen meets Sensuality.
Where we can learn to swim the oceans of our inner world and awaken our senses to their pleasurable potential.
Your touch as an infinite lover that honours you with its caress, always giving never taking (a soft introduction to the wheel of consent)
Feel orgasmic in the softness of a sound, including reclaiming your own voice that begs to express its sensuality
You are capable of pleasure beyond what the small self could fathom
Let us take you on a journey of self exploration and discovery without even having to take your clothes off!

Why Zensual Meditation?
Not only will we weave Buddhist Philosophy to learn how to quiet the mind so we can access deeper pleasure, this is so important as we are reconnecting with parts of yourself and your needs that we tend to rely on other people to fulfil for us, inevitably causing unrealistic expectations because if you don’t know how to swim in your own ocean, how is someone else meant to?
Learn how to fill your own love cup so that you can connect deeper and create more intimacy with others.

EJ Love is a Relationship and Sex Coach and Tantric Sexual Healer. She has been aptly dubbed the ‘Love Priestess’. She helps people to heal and empower themselves in their relationships, love, intimacy and sex. Speaking from her own personal experience, she travels the world sharing her message through speaking events, media, radio shows and writing articles, books and blogs as well as often being interviewed on mainstream TV. She is also the main presenter for SEXPO on Tantra and Energy Orgasms!

Mickie Monroe is the creator of Oh My Yoni. She has a deep passion for awakening and balancing the feminine power and grace that resides within all of us. As a qualified yoga teacher, Mickie has made it her life’s work to help people on their journey of love and self-expression. With a mystical depth and a unique ability to tune into the magic available to all of us, her intention is to guide you into your own truth.

“When sexuality and spirituality meet, sensuality is born. To embrace this part of our being and to truly understand it is integration of the soul.” – Mickie Monroe

Having an Internal Vaginal Orgasm through Penetration

The other night a lover and I started off our lovemaking with a practice on feeling the feminine, which is something we are sharing in my Exploring Tantra couples workshop. We decided to practice it to prepare for the workshop which then led me into being so open and in full receptivity to him!
So by the the time it came to penetration my body was so receptive that I had an internal orgasm from penetration only happen within about 5 minutes! This was the first internal orgasm that I’ve had without any kind of clitoral or g-spot stimulation.
Now you may be thinking that considering I am a sex coach, that I must have had all types of orgasms and this would be natural for me.

However, every woman actually is wired and conditioned so differently so what we are able to experience really varies. I am more of an energetic type so I experience more full body energetic orgasms.

Just a few nights ago I had a completely transcendental sex experience with him, where I felt that my lover and I intertwined as one, it was though we were moving as one energy together – it literally felt like I was in some other dimension!

So although I’ve experienced many different types of orgasms, the vaginal internal orgasm has been quite elusive for me.

Years ago I decided that I just wasn’t one of those women that could orgasm from penetration and that I could only orgasm by stimulating my clitoris.

But since then I’ve done so much sexual healing on myself, hence why I have been able to experience a lot of full body energy orgasms, g-spot orgasms and other orgasms, some of them I am unsure what to label them as!

I felt a little in shock at first after it happened, like ‘did that just happen?’ and I had to stop and tell him because I was so excited!
Although he already knew because he felt my whole body vibrate underneath him, you should have seen the smile on his face!

The next morning we talked about what we think helped this to occur and I think it’s a number of things:-

1. BEING IN FULL RECEPTIVITY – We started with the feeling the feminine practice which led to me being fully receptive, in surrender and open to him. I let go of any ‘trying’ to have an orgasm and just allowed myself to feel and let go into what was there. I had no goal on my mind.
2. CREATING EMOTIONAL SAFETY – We had a conversation earlier in the night about some very vulnerable things and held space for each other, which built a lot of trust and safety for me and made both of us more open emotionally.

3. THE WILLINGNESS TO BE HEALED – He is a tantric lover and every time we have sex I feel like he is sexually healing me. I am WILLING to be healed and I am willing to surrender to him and give myself to him.
4. HONOURING MY MOON TIME – I have my period, so I feel like it was part of really being in a place of honouring my feminine. It’s so beautiful to be with a man who is super comfortable and enjoys having moon time sex!
The next morning I was feeling so happy, jumping and dancing around the house, feeling like a truly radiant woman!
If you want to learn everything I mentioned here, such as how to be fully receptive, creating emotional safety, having the willingness to be healed and surrender to a man, allowing and having a man sexually heal you and honouring your moon time as well as exploring different types of Orgasms, please contact me via email
I also teach a lot of this in my Soulgasmic Woman’s Tantric Sexual Healing Program which you can check out here

What really happens at a Tantra Workshop

There seems to be a lot of misconception about what actually happens at a Tantra Workshop and even Tantra means different things to different people.

I really wanted to share about what Tantra is to me, what my experiences have been like at tantra workshops and what I teach and facilitate at my couples tantra workshop. The video below is to give everyone clarity and understanding on what to expect.. although a big part of Tantra is about letting go of expectations!

If a Tantra Workshop is something that intrigues and interests you, you can read more about the Exploring Tantra Couples Workshop here.

If you prefer to work with me one-on-one, I can take you through these practices in my tantra sessions either on your own or with a partner, please contact me to discuss your options.

For international clients, I offer skype coaching sessions. Please email me at to enquire about how I can help you. You can read more about my Men’s Online Sex Coaching here.


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Hold Her Heart and Her Body will Open

A few weeks ago I was held by a man like I had never been held before. 

When I say ‘held’ I don’t mean physically, although that also happened. 

After having dinner and chatting for hours, I asked him how he was feeling and he expressed his desire to be more close to me physically. 
I instantly when into feeling like a 15 year old school girl who was about to be kissed by the boy she likes! 

Before I would feel completely open to him touching me, I needed to express my vulnerabilities.

I expressed the imagining that I had that I needed to appear to be amazing in bed because I am a sex coach and thinking that he may expect me to perform or please him in a certain way. 

I expressed that I didn’t want to be in a teacher role with him, when really I am just so longing to let go of the need to do that and to just surrender. 

I also expressed that my boundary was to not have sex with him yet. 
He fully listened and honoured all of this and then his expressed his own vulnerabilities to me, which made me feel so safe. 

It was a beautiful safe feeling to be fully heard in our vulnerabilities and boundaries before even touching, which created a deeper level of intimacy.

And then I said ‘I know I am just talking to feel safe now, so I think you better touch me’ 

Then he kissed me… softly, slowly, passionately. Mmmm.

He then placed one hand on the back of my heart and one on the front and he held my heart whilst deeply, slowly breathing, which felt like it was being channelled from his heart into mine. 

I completely surrendered in that moment, as I had this indescribable feeling of having my heart held. 
My heart felt not only safe and supported, but completely honoured and seen as my body relaxed and I melted into his arms and let go of any of the fears or insecurities I had.  

It was like a moment in time stopped and nothing else mattered. 
Just to be held in such a loving, honouring way without any expectations was divine. 
It was an incredibly heart-opening experience. 

The only thought I had was ‘all women need to experience this’.
I realised that this is what my heart and my feminine had been longing for, for so long. 

I then felt my yoni become so activated and aroused just by him holding me in this loving way.  
We spent the next few hours exploring complete and utter surrender. 

It was an incredibly tantric experience, however there was no ‘let’s do this practice or that practice’, it was just a natural flow between us, where I surrendered to the pleasure I was feeling in my body and held me through it.

At one point he was on top of me, hip to hip breathing from his sacral chakra into my sacral chakra, my kundalini energy became so activated – still with all of our clothes on! 

I had no idea what he was doing or how he was doing it, but it felt like I was being energetically penetrated as my whole body became fully orgasmic. 

I cheekily whispered into his ear ‘what are you doing to me?’

He said ‘I have no idea really, but I can feel your pain there’

I knew what he was feeling into was all the years I had dishonoured my yoni and rejected my feminine energy, it literally felt like he was clearing blocks in my sacral chakra and sexual healing me as my yoni opened and activated my heart. 

The whole thing was an incredibly profound experience. 

I know this man is a natural sexual healer and that we are now on a healing journey together through a conscious exploration of intimacy.  
From the moment I met him I knew there was a big journey here. 

A long time ago I told myself that I would run a couple’s event when the right man came into my space for me to share this with, so it was no surprise that in the week before this experience with him that I had the insight to run a couple’s tantra weekend! 

He then offered to help me and asked me if it would be okay for him to teach some practices to the men to help them embody their masculine energy and that we could then do a ritual around men holding space and women surrendering. 

Of course, I said yes, that would be amazzzzzing! 

I want both men and women to be able to experience the feeling of having their heart held. 

I have held this man’s heart too and made it safe for him to express his emotions. 

I’ll share more about this soon also! 
At the couple’s tantra weekend I will be teaching both men’s and women’s sexuality.

We will teach practices on holding space for women to surrender, but also on women holding space for men too and how they can do this from a feminine space.

I know that what we going to teach is something that couple’s are longing for in not just their sex lives, but their whole relationship. 

As I said at the start, words cannot describe the feeling of having your heart held and the way that then opens your body up and activates your sex centre. 

If you want to come along to the couple’s weekend, which is at the end of October, please see the event info here 

If you are not a couple or wish to do this work on your own first, I also have separate women’s and men’s events, programs and sessions on all of this. Please contact me to discuss your needs xx 

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Tantric Sex, Sexual Healing and Anal Sex

I had A LOT of fun being interviewed for Kaleidoscope Radio on Tantric Sex, Sexual Healing and we even touched on BDSM and Anal Sex! Check out the interview here.









EPISODE 3 is here! #hollaaaaa


After posing the question to her group of followers, the Kaleidoscope, it was obvious to Alexa that she needed to talk to someone knowledgeable about Tantra for Kaleidoscope Radio. EJ has more than a few stories to tell, and brings a new light to the idea of Tantra, and even shares some interesting insight about an experience she had with BDSM.

EJ tells a little bit of her back story and introduce herself, her relationship with sex, swinging, and where tantra fits into the whole picture.

Alexa asks her to share her point of view on the differences between Tantra and the BDSM community, and her thoughts on BDSM in general. EJ shares an experience she had in which she felt that BDSM had a healing nature to it when done consciously.

They discuss couples first getting into erotic play, and where they start and sometimes end. They also discuss the erotic blueprint and EJ explains what exactly it is.

EJ tells the story of her marriage to herself, and talks about the inspiration behind it. She talks about self love and how valuable it is.

She also describes who Tantra tends to help, both male and female, and what variations are available to explore.

EJ and Alexa laugh about a video mishap that occurred when Alexa publicly posted a video about anal sex health to EJ’s social media profile.’

Hear the show on-
or listen directly here