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I am continuously updating my own education and attending courses, trainings and workshops by some of the top sexuality and love coaches, tantra teachers in the world. I do this so that I can make my sessions more powerful and help my clients in many different areas and so that you can be assured that I provide a professional service. I also provide training, so if you are interested in receiving training from me please contact me to discuss. Below are most of the workshops I have attended and training I have done to date.

  • Awakening Men Practitioner Training (Sacred Sexual Priestess Initiation) – Shaney Marie and Alejandra Nicolazzo
  • Sexual Deconditioning Level 1 and 2 – The New Tantra
  • Expanding Women’s Sexuality / Expanding Men’s Sexuality – Andrew Barnes
  • Urban Tantra Professional Practitioner Training – Barbara Carrellas
  • Like a Pro – Erotic Touch Practitioner Training – Dr Betty Martin
  • Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience / Training Level 1 – International School of Temple Arts
  • Sacred Sex and Consciousness Conference – International School of Temple Arts
  • Orgasmic Bliss Program – Layla Martin
  • At Ease with Your Body and Sex Workshop – Sarah Be.
  • Tantric Massage Training with a Private Sex Coach
  • Deep Flow Conscious Sensuality Workshop – Robert Silber
  • The New School of Erotic Touch Online Trainings
  • Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner training
  • Be Yourself Connection Retreat – Kean Buckley
  • Living Love for Singles and Couples Workshop inspired by David Deida
  • Tantra Revirgination Workshop – Tanja Pheonix
  • Compassionate Communication Workshop – Love Coaches Scott Catamas and Emily Orum
  • Advanced Relationship Mastery Program – The Love Coach Academy
  • Love Coach Online Training Academy – Scott Catamas & Emily Orum
  • Conscious Uncoupling Program – Katherine Woodward-Thomas
  • Angelic Reiki – Certified Level 1 and 2
  • Embodying Your Intention Retreat – Jana Johnson
  • Certified Angel Intuitive Workshop – Doreen Virtue
  • Landmark Education – Forum, Advanced and Self Expression and Leadership Program
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