Practitioner Training & Mentoring

Are you interesting in becoming a Tantric Escort or a Sacred Sexual Priestess / Sexual Healer?

I am often contacted by sex industry workers wanting to offer more a sexual healing or tantric practice or women who are wanting to get into the sex industry. I knew for a while that part of my path was to develop a practitioner training and mentoring for those women who feel called to work as Sexual Healers or Tantric Escorts and for Escorts who feel called to provide more of a tantric/healing service to their clients. In 2016 I began mentoring a number of women one-on-one who are moving into this work and have been running workshops and retreats in 2017.

If you are interested in this work, please read below and see if it resonates for you and if so, then please contact me so we can have a confidential chat to discuss how this could work and if I feel that you are a fit as not everyone can do this work and there is an application process.


Becoming a Sexual Priestess is not a job it is a CALLING.  You will know it in your body if you feel drawn to it.  You must be at a higher level of awareness and you must be working on healing yourself, committed to your own learning, growth and development. You may even just be on the verge of your awakening and seeking some guidance that will help you to go down this path. Maybe you have known for a while that you have the gift of healing but haven’t known how to go about bringing it into your work.   But you just know that you have a greater purpose and that you were born for this, that you are here to serve and help awaken men. You may be working in the sex industry and feel that offering more of a healing and conscious sexual service is more in alignment for you and more soul-fulfilling.

When I first started practicing Tantra and Sexual Healing for myself I knew that I had to start doing this work for my clients, that is was my calling, my soul was yearning for it. My soul felt like what I had been doing wasn’t serving me or my clients anymore and I needed to really use my healing gifts in my sex work. I was working as both a energy healer and a sex worker, but I was doing these separately and I wondered how I could merge them together and could I transition out of normal escorting into tantric escorting? Although I didn’t know that this is was what it would become back then, in fact, I had wanted to leave the industry for a long time before I developed this work. I had wondered what would I offer, how would it work, what did I need to do, how would I advertise, would clients even want to do this with me? Is anybody else doing this? How did they do it?

I first started out by offering tantric massage and I went and did all the tantra workshops, courses, read the books, retreats that I could get my hands on!  However, what I noticed was that there were no trainings specifically tailored for sex industry workers wanting to move into sexual healing or tantra. So what I did was explore everything I was learning with my clients and see what worked and what didn’t, there was a lot of trial and error! Over three years it eventually evolved into what I offer now.  But I did think back then that it would have just been so much easier if I could have just gone to a course or be mentored by someone who had already worked in the sex industry and was doing what I wanted to do hence why I have felt the calling to offer this.


I feel like I constantly get to play and evolve my work as clients come to me with all different needs and everyone and everyday is so different! The best thing is that this work lights my soul up and I attract clients who want to learn, to heal and to explore intimacy and not necessarily just to have a kind of sexual release, they are looking for something much deeper than that.  I give them the space to fully open up to me and I see them in a whole different way.

I know that what I do with them can change their lives, awaken and open their hearts. At the same time, I fully honour my boundaries. In the past I was getting clients who I would just let do what they wanted to do with me because that is what they were paying for, which aided my body into becoming so numb and disconnected.  But now I am teaching men how to honour a woman’s body, how to tune into it and how to check in with her to see if she is really okay with doing something.  The clients also know that I am not doing it just because they are paying me for it like I used to. Before I often felt like I was just a body and now my soul feels alive when I do this work! It is so rewarding and it really is a whole different way of working in sexuality.


When I started offering Sacred Sexual Priestess work and Sexual Healing I realised it was very much a niche and it was very rare to find anyone else who also offered this. Most of the rituals I offer I have developed myself. However, I believe that it is so needed in this world and that I am not here to do it alone. I have since discovered other people also doing similar work in other cities and countries and we often refer clients to each other and share our expertise with each other. I believe that the work we do can change the world and change the way the world views sex, and that we can take away some of the stigma and shame around it. I believe that the more us that come together and do this work, the more awareness that people will have about it and the more we can help people to heal on a profoundly deep level. Not many people in the world even know that this work even exists, but I am determined to change!  Hence why I speak so openly and vulnerably about this calling and have even been featured in mainstream media about it.

This calling is NOT about making a lot of money, although you will, especially working with me I will teach you money and abundance mindset and everything I do on a daily basis to manifest exactly what I want including money, my ideal clients, media and everything in my personal life.

I make more money now than I ever have working for almost 7 years in the sex industry. It saddens me when I see others in the industry struggling because I know it doesn’t have to be that way. There is so much competition in the sex industry now, you have to be different and this is certainly a niche.  I believe I am successful because I offer what so many people are deeply yearning for on a soul level. I often say that my clients come for what they think they want and they really get what they need. Underneath the need for sexual expression is a deep need for intimacy and connection.


  • I will teach you many of the practices that I have personally developed and you will make them your own. What I have discovered is that each woman has her own flavour, her own offerings and gifts so therefore each woman offers something different. I give you the foundations and then your sexual energy and creativity will allow you to create and tailor your own practices.
  • All my knowledge from the sexual healer and tantra training I have done will be passed on to you.
  • I will teach you the business set up, marketing and branding (I come from a background in marketing and business coaching)
  • I will teach you money mindset and abundance to help your business succeed. I am just as passionate about your work getting out there as I am about my own. There is no competition, only collaboration in my eyes.
  • I am continuously working on developing myself, being mentored, going to workshops and trainings and applying this to my work and I will share this with you.
  • I have experts that I have worked with who have done videos and trainings in my programs for you.
  • You will have ongoing mentoring and support.
  • You will be part of a private support group of other women who are doing this work to share your experiences, questions and challenges, so that you feel part of a supportive community.
  • I will refer you clients that I am unable to see whether that be because of location or my own availability or because I think that you are a better fit for them.

It is a pre-requisite to do my Soulgasmic Woman’s Sexual Healing Program unless you already have done some level of sexual healing and tantra and are embodied in this. You have to be doing sexual healing for yourself first to be able to offer this to clients. The best way to teach is to learn it for yourself.

If you feel drawn to this, please contact me so we can set up a time to chat.