Sacred Squirting – How to Have and Give a G-Spot Orgasm

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It is often thought that only 3% of women can squirt and for a long time I thought the same, however this is simply not true. Every woman has the ability to have a g-spot orgasm. It is different to urine, although there is much controversy around this.  When a woman surrenders to g-spot orgasm her partner can then ride the wave of bliss and help guide her into even more fullness of pleasure. This is dependent on the woman’s level of awakening in her body, connection to her partner, openness and feeling of safety.

In my previous experience, I had only ever had  a g-spot orgasm once a few years ago which was more like a gush that ended up all over my friend’s couch! It took three long hours of him fingering and massaging my yoni before it just sort of happened.  We weren’t trying to make it happen and I know now that is the key…you just have to let go. Since then many men and partners had tried and were determined that they could make me squirt…but to no avail.  When they were rubbing the g-spot I would find that feeling of wanting to pee be too much for me and have to make them stop. I would be trying so hard to make it happen and so would they… you men really have a lot of determination when it comes to our orgasm!

However through praticing tantra I awakened my body and one day at a tantra retreat it happened….I squirted again…. a lot. It wasn’t some big shooting liquid over the room kind of orgasm. This actually can only happen when the woman is forcing it to come out that way, which can take a bit of practice and skill. However sacred squirting (which I’m now calling it) is more about the energy of the orgasm. It felt warm, light and intimate and I could have kept going for quite a while and it only took about 10 minutes of g-spot massage!

There is a trick to it. For the women, you have to just let go. It would have taken probably only 2 minutes if I had let go from the start but I was still trying to control it and hold on like I was stopping myself from peeing. It is unlikely and even if you do..well who cares! Some people do find that extremely hot too!  As soon as I let go a warm gush trickled out. Don’t expect some explosive orgasm…every woman will feel it differently. I see it as a spiritual and healing experience, connecting me to my femininity and my sacredness rather than trying to please the other person.

For the partner’s you have to awaken her body first, you have to gently rub her G-spot (the rough wrinkly feeling part) and get her excited with two fingers in a circular motion until you can feel it filling up with fluid. Then when she is ready you move into holding her with her standing on her knees. She is not lying down for this. You support her with one hand on her lower back and then use the other to go in underneath. She leans into and wraps her arms gently around your shoulders. You use two fingers inside and then slide them back and forth. It is not a up and down or rub of the g-spot. Build up to go harder and faster and checking in with her to make sure she is okay for you to do so first and then tell her to just let go and then once she squirts (you will feel the warm liquid) then you just keep going and going so she can squirt more if she would like to. You can also then drink the liquid.. known as Amrita – the liquid of the Gods!

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  1. So this confirms it!!!God really is a lady…aka CJ, Tantra Angel and my future wife x (they say dream big…marry me Claudia we can either elope or just squirt off from Perth in August….please xo squirt emoji (;

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