Loving Men Deeply and Liberating them Sexually

A couple of weeks ago in my women’s workshop on Loving Men, the discussion led to talking about the addiction that men have to ejaculation and how this is linked to their emotions and in turn how this can lead to sexual issues.
I often hear from women – ‘the sex is amazing but the relationship is not so great’ or ‘the relationship is amazing but the sex could be better’ or ‘the relationship is good, but sex feels a chore’ or simply ‘I need help with everything EJ!!’

So, can you have a healthy relationship and have amazing deeply connected soul opening sex?


As more and more people keep asking me about learning tantra, I keep asking them ‘what do they want to get out of it? What do they want to learn? What do they want to experience?’

Mostly the answer is, ‘I want to have a deeper connection. I want more connected sex. I want us to connect more on a soul level. I just know there could be more…’

And, yes there can be. 

And for me to answer them, it is more a case for me of, well where do I even begin?!

Now, in saying this tantra is not just about sex, that is only a teensy tiny part of it, contrary to what most people think tantra is!

Tantra is different things to different people. For me it is more about connecting to your heart and soul and showing up and fucking life in this way, effectively making love to life through harnessing the power of your sexual energy and surrendering into bliss.

It is about slowing things down, taking goal out of it and being fully present from moment to moment.

How we are in our sexual practice is reflected out into how we do life.

Are you willing to show up in surrender, bliss, vulnerability and live a heart-connected soulgasmic life?

I run a two day women’s workshop called ‘Love and Liberate Men’ where I teach women about their relationship with men and how to love them more deeply. I also teach them about men’s sexual healing and helping men to become multi-orgasmic!

We focus on how to liberate and awaken him sexually through tantra, exploring tantric practices and I give a demonstration of my tantric awakening massage!

I have been working intimately with men for over six years now and I have seen men become so heart opened and vulnerable with me as they go through profound changes, healings and sexual awakenings. I can’t even begin to describe how huge this work is!

I have alway said that I feel sexual healing is the key to awakening men.

People have no idea how much friction-based goal-orientated sex that has been conditioned to us, along with porn.

It has been numbing men’s ability to feel and effecting their relationship with women and how they show up in the bedroom. You guys have been so limited in your pleasure potential…. most people have no idea what they can truly experience!!

The VIP program I do with men is called ‘Sex Mastery’ where I initially take them through a 28 day non ejaculation journey to awaken the power of their sexual energy, to heal any sexual issues they may have and to open them up to their true orgasmically potential, to a place they didn’t even know existed!

And yes… their hearts are fucked open, penetrated by a woman’s worship of the masculine.

We then explore womens’ pleasure and how to truly please a woman through worship, understanding her body and how to tune into it and help her to feel safe to surrender to deep orgasmic pleasure.

Effectively they master their own sexual energy and are able to show up fully for a woman. They are initiated into the confident masculine man in the bedroom that they have been longing to be and this is reflected out into all areas of their life.

I just love that I am now getting to pass some of my knowledge on to other women so that they can do this for the men in their lives.

So ladies, you may want a healthier more loving relationship with a man, or perhaps better sex with your partner or you may just want deeper connection both in and out of the bedroom.

If this calls to you, please contact me at ej@ejlove.com or Facebook ‘EJ Love Priestess’ so I can send you more details. I also invite women who want to work with men in a similar way that I do to contact me in exploring this powerful healing work.

Men… if you feel called to go on the journey of Sex Mastery yourself, please feel free to also contact me and let’s organise a time for us to chat to see if this is a fit for you. 

Much Love and Sexiness,

EJ Love Priestess xx

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