What you can Experience in a Tantric Massage with me

Below I have gone through for men and women what you can experience in a typical tantric awakening massage session with me. If you have experienced tantric massage before it is important to note that every practitioner works differently so it may be a completely new experience for you! It is important to remember that everyone is unique in what they are wanting to get out of the massage and therefore this is just a general guideline.



It is extremely important that before we begin that we set an intention. We will sit down together and talk about what you would like to get out of the experience. As I do energy healing work, if you have any particular aches, pains or injuries I can also channel healing energy into these areas. Throughout the session I may ask you to give me feedback to let me know if you do or do not really like something that I am doing. Please feel free to be fully self-expressive with me. We will also set our boundaries.

I set the ambience of the room with soft lighting or candles, incense and crystals. I will get you to shower whilst I heat up the oil. I only use products that are good for your skin and won’t leave you smelling like perfume!

We then sit together getting connected through eye contact , breathing, heart to heart connection, hugging and sexual energy breathwork practices.



I ask you to go into deep breathing and start with exploring different touch sensations on your body before I pour the warm oil on you and massage your full body. I will also be breathing deeply and may use my breath on you and make sounds of pleasure (I love to give!). Sound also helps to vibrate the body to feel more pleasure and I encourage you to make noise! For the men, I massage your scrotum and perenium (where the inner cock is) and connect your heart chakra to your cock. I massage the Sacram (just under the lower back) which helps stimulate and awaken the Kundalini.  I will also do a prostate massage if you have requested it and it has been agreed upon in the intention setting. I guide this in gently, checking in with you the whole time. For the women, there is light massage and touch around the bottom and lightly around the inner thighs and outside of the yoni. You are always able to ask me to change what I am doing and move to something else. I may also use tools such as vibration, feathers, wand and very light, slow touching with my fingers and nails to make this a heightened sensory experience.

The first 3/4 of the session is focused on awakening the body and once we arrive to massaging the lingam or the yoni I will guide you into the breathwork. You may be quite relaxed and for the man your lingam may still be soft at this point. Please note that some strokes actually feel better when you are soft, so don’t worry if you are not getting hard straight away. I often find that the client is so relaxed that it is not until I really get into the lingam massage techniques that it becomes fully erect. You will find that just the breathing and holding the hand over your lingam will help get you stimulated. In saying that, it is entirely possible to orgasm without being hard which can happen in our session.  I will perform all different types of massage techniques on the lingam or yoni within the boundaries we have set and often exploring types of touch that you may haven’t felt before. To help awaken your lingam or yoni I will also do some healing and clear any blocks that I may feel that you need. Doing this clearing and healing will help you to receive and feel much more pleasure and to also be more connected with your sexual energy. If at anytime you want me to slow down please let me know as I would like you to get the fullness out of your time and experience with me.

This experience is not focused on orgasm or ejaculation, it is about the journey rather than the destination. My aim is to help you build your sexual energy and maintain it rather than releasing it quickly through ejaculation. This will help you to have a fuller orgasm which is far more intense and longer than just an ejaculation. This may not always happen in our first session, it will come when you are fully present in your body which make take a few sessions and at home practice.  Although the focus is not on ejaculation, if you do ejaculate in the session this is okay too. You can practice building sexual energy at home with this MP3 you can get for free here to get you started.

Once we come to a close, you will have some time to just rest and feel any lasting sensations whilst I will sit next to you, touching you gently or if time permits I will give you a relaxing head massage to help integrate the healing of the session. I find that most of my clients have a must more intense orgasmic experience than usual and some have a full body orgasm!

When we have reached the end of our time together, I ask you to sit up very slowly and have a drink of water to get re-hydrated as we worked with a lot of energy.  You will then be able to shower and refresh yourself. My clients seem to find that they feel completely relaxed and over the next couple of days they feel much more clarity and balance in their lives.

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