The Power of Penis De-armouring

The penis itself has it’s own acupressure points (see images below).  I facilitate this unique sexual healing practice that gets right to the core of men’s sexual blocks where I use a combination of kinesiology, chinese medicine and genital and penis reflexology (often referred to as penis de-armouring).

There are many blocks held in the penis, crotch, groin and scrotum that prevents a man from performing at his best. Most men are somewhat disconnected from their penis due to sexual conditioning, years of masturbating quickly, overly watching porn or having sex in unhealthy ways.

The penis holds tension and stress and these blocks can lead to erectile and performance issues, lack of control and sensitivity, numbness and inability to feel full pleasure or orgasm.  Men are often very unaware of what blocks their penis is holding and how disconnected they really are from it.

When you de-armour your penis and release these blocks you will start to feel more empowered and confident as a man both in and out of the bedroom!  You will also feel more connection between your cock and your heart so when you are making love you feel more connected to yourself and your partner. You can then more easily tune into her body and intuitively feel what her body is wanting to experience.

The more connected a man is to his penis, the more attuned he can also be to his lover and bring her to much greater pleasure! When a man’s cock is conscious in this way he can use it to actually de-armour a woman’s vagina which also holds blocks and has acupressure points.  This is when you can use your cock as a healing tool that activates her to feel a whole new world of orgasmic pleasure too!

The benefits of this include:-

  • Having more control and lasting longer
  • Helping heal erectile issues
  • Naturally increasing size
  • More sensitivity and deeper pleasure
  • Feeling greater connection between your cock and your heart
  • Becoming more sexually confident
  • Feeling a deeper connection to your penis and who you are as a man.
  • Having a conscious cock that can feel a woman more and help her to heal her blocks

Penis De-armouring sessions Rates:-

1 hour – $250

1.5 hours – $350

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