Self-Sexual Healing 101

So today I finally took half an hour out to do some sexual healing for myself. I hadn’t had sex or played with myself for 3 weeks. A) Because I was a on Sacred Shamanic Retreat and we were told not to have any sexual activity for 3 days before and after and B) I haven’t been working and I was also away staying at other people’s houses and C) I just kind of forgot.  Now to most people this would seem like a long time to not have any kind of sexual pleasure… well the fact that I ‘forgot’ to make it a priority was a bit of a wake up call! Here I am teaching and talking about how important sex is and I spend much of my time helping other people get that…yet for myself I haven’t made it a priority at all!  So today, was well overdue! The idea is to do the below exercise 3 times a week to awaken my sexual energy, to help get more of my libido back and to have more intense orgasms (now who wouldn’t want to make that a priority?!)

I set the mood with some incense and candles….treating myself as though I am my own client.  I take out my nipple piercings as any piercings can cause blockages in sexual energy. I also place my Orange Calcite crystal inside my Yoni (Vagina). Orange Calcite is used to get positive energy flowing in the area of sexuality. As I had recently become an Angelic Reiki Practitioner I use these tools and skills in my healing and I close my eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, left hand on heart and right hand on stomach (solar plexus). I start to do some breathwork, visualising a wave coming up through my Yoni into each chakra and out through the top of my head, squeezing my PC muscle as I breathe in and letting them go as I breathe out. After getting this energy flowing through my body I start to slowly rub my nipples with my fingers to get them stimulated. I use an ice cube and rub it over each nipple…woah that’s cold but quite arousing… I then rub hot oil over each nipple… my nipples haven’t been this hard in months!  I’m starting to feel pretty turned on… (why have I not been making this a priority again!?).  I turn on my mini vibe and use this over each nipple…oh…so that’s what vibrations on your nipples feel like… I had also forgotten how this felt!  After a minute or so I’m feeling it’s time to pour some hot oil on my Yoni…. damnnn.. that never felt so good!

I’ve got the vibe swapping between each nipple and the other hand playing with my yoni, focusing on rubbing it very gently… I’m already getting that ‘tingly’ orgasm feeling…’wait’ I tell myself…I am supposed to do this for 15 mins before orgasming… right.. slow down… Now I notice my thoughts coming in and taking me off track so I focus back on my breathing. Trying to concentrate on nipples, clit and breathing and trying not to think seems quite a hard task but I know it will get better the more I practice…yes definitely lots more practice is needed here 😉

I have a break from the Yoni and focus back on the nipples, using the ice and hot oil again…and back to breathing…visualising a big wave started at my yoni…PC muscles in, breathe up into the chakras and out the top of the head.  My fingers glide slowly back down to the Yoni… I begin rubbing my clit with the hot coconut oil….it feels amazing and tastes pretty damn yummy too…I am definitely using this more!  As I start to really feel into this I have a feeling of sexual shame come up…tears start to well in my eyes as I start to really feel how disconnected from my sexual self I have become…a few tears flow…. ‘yes!’…I think…this is a good thing! I am healing….sexual healing….oooo baby (I feel a song coming on)! At first I want to work out where this shame feeling comes from but I stop myself and I just let myself feel it, and as that feeling passes…I know I’m not going to last the 15 mins…nope…I definitely feel a more deeper and longer orgasm than usual and more tingling sensations afterwards.

But one just doesn’t seem enough for this session….I want more… I take a small break and go back to stimulating my nipples again. Taking long, slow breaths to build up my sexual energy again. Moving fingers back to the yoni, teasing and playing, getting faster in time with my breathing getting heavier, making deep sounds of pleasure and and it’s not too long before I have another fuller, deeper orgasm…

Hmm…now that definitely must be 15 mins!

I feel I had a pretty damn good self-sexual healing for a first time. I can definitely see I need to work on shutting out my thoughts more and concentrate on the breathing but I am happy to just take it one self-sexual healing session at a time!  This is also going to help me with my clients as I can bring in the stimulation and get them to do it with me as well and awaken their own sexual energy.   Getting paid to do sexual healing and have stronger, full body orgasms…I am loving my work right now!

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