From One Night Stands to Swinging to Escorting to Tantra

Welcome to my world of intimate adventures…

This is the first post of my blog which I intend to be full of sexy sordid stories as you follow my ever evolving sexual awakening journey…. as well as offering teachings that come through my personal experiences and my work within the field of sexuality.

So, let me take you back to where it all began…

Imagine me… just a shy quiet Catholic school girl (so cliche I know)…

I was a girl who had low self-esteem, who thought she was fat and ugly and couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror naked.

I didn’t know how to talk to boys, let alone know what to do it when it came to getting down to business!

I experienced my first kiss when I was 15 and was soon dumped because I wouldn’t give him a blowjob.

The truth was… I didn’t know how… what the hell was I supposed to do with this weird looking thing?

I had never even really seen one properly in the flesh before, let alone put it in my mouth! (who knew that as an adult I would end up teaching women how to worship cock!)

But this soon changed… 

Yet another cliche…. I got involved with one of those “bad boy” types and I ended up in a very sexually driven relationship.  Due to its highly sexual nature I learned the basics of sex and my confidence quickly grew.  I also realised the power sex had over men, and how it made me feel safe and in control, and far less likely for me to get hurt.

After that relationship ended I found myself receiving a lot of attention from men and I began sleeping with men left right and centre, even having a tally and my friends would ask me ‘what number are you up to now?’. It was just a game for me, a bit of fun, I had no emotional attachment and I didn’t want to either… the sex was meaningless and not very memorable.

I thought this was ‘sexual empowerment’… oh boy!

The next 10 years of my life in this ‘sexual empowerment’ consisted of  me dating and sleeping with hundreds of men, couples and women especially since I became heavily involved in the Swinger’s scene and began running my own parties.

I loved it… my life revolved around sex and swinging as I was able to be completely sexually open without anyone judging me for my desires… instead they embraced me.

Being a single, sexually open girl in this world I became very popular… I was what is known as a ‘unicorn’ and this made me felt important and special.  I was never short of offers for sex, which led to a lover suggesting I should be getting paid!

Really? I thought… people would pay me for this!

Yes they would. And they did.

After posting an escort ad, I booked my first ever paid job which was with a couple for 3 hours. For most people this would be like throwing yourself in the deep end, but for me, this is what I had been doing every weekend!  I had never made so much money in such a short time before!

I couldn’t believe I had been giving it away for free all this time.

That’s when Claudia Jade L’Amore (CJ) was born.

Over the next six years I travelled all over Australia as a High Class Escort. I made many incredible friends through the industry and mentored other girls into becoming escorts themselves.

I learned so much about men and sex and I started to really love my body and what I could do with it.  I went from not being able to look at myself naked in the mirror to being very comfortable being paid to provide services where I was completely naked!

Three years into the industry I went through my ‘spiritual awakening’ and I discovered how disconnected I was from who I really am, my body and what my soul really wanted and I began my own sexual healing journey through studying and practicing Tantra and this is where I found true sexual empowerment!

Through this I discovered the deep desire I had to really help people and provide a service that wasn’t just a one time quick fix for self-gratification, stress relief or sexual validation.

I wanted to be able help people have the love, intimacy and sex they really wanted in their own personal lives, not just whilst with me.

So the more I studied Tantra, the more I started bringing this through in my escort work, eventually becoming a Tantric Escort and supporting men to heal and to find their own form of true sexual empowerment.

And now…  I don’t escort anymore, my work has become focused on coaching people from all over the world how to have the love, sex and intimacy they truly desire. I have since trained up other escorts to offer more conscious sex and tantric services and I do feel the sex industry is started to become revolutionised by this work!

I have knowledge to share that you can’t just read in a book, that you can only learn by working intimately with men over the ten years that I have done so to date.

I have had men have share their deepest vulnerabilities and desires and have deep healings and heart openings, as well as powerfully orgasmic experiences!

What I have seen happen in my sessions, most people will never get to see or experience in a lifetime. So this is why I am here, to share those pieces of gold and hope that may inspire others to take their own sexual healing and empowerment journey.

I hope that you will find something in here that inspires you to go on an intimate adventure…

Much Love and Sexiness,


EJ Love

The Undefined Woman

2 thoughts on “From One Night Stands to Swinging to Escorting to Tantra

  1. That was one of the most amazing reads I have ever read. Thankyou for sharing your story and opening my eyes to Sexual Healing. I am very curious about your service and wonder if I would benefit from your healing, and so I will be in contact on the Sunshine Coast. I now have a strong intuitive feeling that you can help me to also heal, even though I don’t know what I would be healed of, if you know what I mean. Talk soon, Mal

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