Tantra for Couples – The Amazing Benefits of Tantra

I recently had a couple come to see me for a Tantra session on their honeymoon.

We didn’t do anything too intensive, I just took them through some simple yet powerful tantric connection, conscious touch and communication exercises.

A week later I spoke to her about how they have been since then and what they got out of the experience… and I was blown away the response!

They have given me permission to share the following as a testimonial:

She said she couldn’t believe how much they got out of doing things that were so simple.

She went on to tell me that:

– It was the favourite part of their honeymoon
– They now felt much deeper connection and intimacy
– The practices I gave them to do at home were amazing
– I held such a safe space for them to be vulnerable and express themselves.

And the best part…

They then had the best s*x they have have had all year!

I LOVE seeing couples get so much out of it doing practices that are sometimes so simple.

Ultimately what I took them through was creating safety to express their vulnerabilities and desires as this is where deep connection and great sex truly begins!

It was so beautiful to witness them open up to each other and the love in the room between them was just… wow.

If you are in a relationship and curious about Tantra, I highly recommend to contact me about how my couple’s can sessions work for you.


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