The Art of Tantric Massage – my first sexual healing session

Tantra is arguably the oldest known art of sacred sexuality practiced today so it makes sense that my path to sexual healing is through Tantra.  After speaking with a Sex Coach, we made a time for her to do a Tantric Massage Healing Session with me.  This was for two reasons:-

A) For my own Sexual Healing and

B) To learn how to do this for my clients.

I have never had this type of massage and I was really looking forward to it.  Before the session we cleansed ourselves by burning white sage and moving it around our bodies. She called in her Angels and guides to be with us in the session. Which is what I do in my healing work as well.  She wrapped energetic cords around her stomach for energy protection. What became really clear to me is how much energy we take on from other people especially when doing healing work and even more when we have sex with someone as it is such a physical and intimate exchange, so it is very important to protect myself both in my healings and with any intimate contact.  We discussed our intention and boundaries for the session, making sure we were both in alignment. My intention was focused on unblocking any sexual energy and allowing myself to really feel into the different touches and bringing myself back into my body. I was not particularly after an orgasm as I didn’t want there to be pressure to have an outcome so we did not set it as an intention.

With candles lit, soft music playing, incense burning and essential oils rubbed on my feet, she started on my back and used different tantric techniques, tools and touches. She asked me to focus on my breathing and listen to the music. I found often my mind would wander and I just had to keep bringing it back to my breath.  Halfway through I turned over on to my back and eventually she began to massage the Yoni (vagina). I felt comfortable with this but I wasn’t feeling aroused or that I would orgasm and this was fine as it was not our intention for the session. She worked on different energy points and my chakras. She had a lot of work to do on my Sacral Chakra and said to me that she could actually feel all the energy of the DNA of the men I have slept with…she said it was very heavy energy! Which did not surprise me at all. She worked on unblocking this. This made me realise how much energy I had been taking of all the men I had been with and how much that had been blocking me sexually.  I thought isn’t it funny how when I do healing work I always protect and cleanse myself from energy but I hadn’t energetically protected myself at all when I was doing sex work which probably needs it even more! I now do this with every client I see.

She suggested that I get a crystal egg and after each client, I squat down and hold the egg underneath my Yoni, pushing the energy of the DNA onto it. Leave it in there for 5 minutes, then take it out and cleanse it ready for the next time. Certainly sounded interesting, I definitely was going to try it out!   Time really flew and after 2 hours we finished off with a chakra balance. I definitely felt more alive after the massage and like something had shifted. I have piercings in my nipples and hood of my clit and she said that the clit piercing was blocking sexual energy and it was probably best for me to take it out. It was really only a novelty thing anyway so it was easy to take it out and I could easily put it back through if a client requested it. As for the nipple piercings though they might take a little longer before I am ready to take them out as I have only had them in a year and I knew they would close up quickly! I am a little attached to them Lol. She said that I would need to take them out 3 times a week and stimulate the nipples using hot and cold temperatures and vibrations. I was to do this along with breathing exercises whilst self-pleasuring. The breathing exercises help the sexual energy flow throughout the body for better and longer lasting orgasms and eventually to full body orgasm!  YES PLEASE! I know I still have a lot more work to do on myself, this was just the beginning of a deep healing journey of my sexuality. I am definitely going to use the techniques both for myself and for my clients. Our next step was for us to work on training me in Tantric Massage on the male body…

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