Having an Internal Vaginal Orgasm through Penetration

The other night a lover and I started off our lovemaking with a practice on feeling the feminine, which is something we are sharing in my Exploring Tantra couples workshop. We decided to practice it to prepare for the workshop which then led me into being so open and in full receptivity to him!
So by the the time it came to penetration my body was so receptive that I had an internal orgasm from penetration only happen within about 5 minutes! This was the first internal orgasm that I’ve had without any kind of clitoral or g-spot stimulation.
Now you may be thinking that considering I am a sex coach, that I must have had all types of orgasms and this would be natural for me.

However, every woman actually is wired and conditioned so differently so what we are able to experience really varies. I am more of an energetic type so I experience more full body energetic orgasms.

Just a few nights ago I had a completely transcendental sex experience with him, where I felt that my lover and I intertwined as one, it was though we were moving as one energy together – it literally felt like I was in some other dimension!

So although I’ve experienced many different types of orgasms, the vaginal internal orgasm has been quite elusive for me.

Years ago I decided that I just wasn’t one of those women that could orgasm from penetration and that I could only orgasm by stimulating my clitoris.

But since then I’ve done so much sexual healing on myself, hence why I have been able to experience a lot of full body energy orgasms, g-spot orgasms and other orgasms, some of them I am unsure what to label them as!

I felt a little in shock at first after it happened, like ‘did that just happen?’ and I had to stop and tell him because I was so excited!
Although he already knew because he felt my whole body vibrate underneath him, you should have seen the smile on his face!

The next morning we talked about what we think helped this to occur and I think it’s a number of things:-

1. BEING IN FULL RECEPTIVITY – We started with the feeling the feminine practice which led to me being fully receptive, in surrender and open to him. I let go of any ‘trying’ to have an orgasm and just allowed myself to feel and let go into what was there. I had no goal on my mind.
2. CREATING EMOTIONAL SAFETY – We had a conversation earlier in the night about some very vulnerable things and held space for each other, which built a lot of trust and safety for me and made both of us more open emotionally.

3. THE WILLINGNESS TO BE HEALED – He is a tantric lover and every time we have sex I feel like he is sexually healing me. I am WILLING to be healed and I am willing to surrender to him and give myself to him.
4. HONOURING MY MOON TIME – I have my period, so I feel like it was part of really being in a place of honouring my feminine. It’s so beautiful to be with a man who is super comfortable and enjoys having moon time sex!
The next morning I was feeling so happy, jumping and dancing around the house, feeling like a truly radiant woman!
If you want to learn everything I mentioned here, such as how to be fully receptive, creating emotional safety, having the willingness to be healed and surrender to a man, allowing and having a man sexually heal you and honouring your moon time as well as exploring different types of Orgasms, please contact me via email ej@ejlove.com.
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