Why I use Yoni Eggs and G-Spot Wands


I have had a lot of enquiries about the yoni eggs and wands so I thought I would let you know my recommendations for those of you especially who are new to using them. I teach yoni egg and wand practices in my Soulgasmic Woman’s Sexual Healing Program.

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– Erotic Reflexology – Taoist sexologists assert that the most intense and powerful reflex points are actually the sex organs themselves. Yoni eggs will literally massage the intimate pressure-points from the inside. Once these reflexology points are massaged and awakened, women will begin to experience the multiple orgasms and sexual ecstasy that she deserves…all while sending healing energy to various organs in her body. This is going to be heightened when coupled with the dearmouring practices that I teach in my program!

– Healthy Periods – Helps with lasting periods, menstrual cramps, or PMS symptoms such as irritability or fatigue. Yoni egg exercises increase blood flow to the uterus and strengthen the muscles that help your flow pass. When you use your yoni egg regularly between cycles, your period will be shorter, lighter, and less painful.

– Orgasmic Manifestation (SEX MAGICK BABY!!)
Throughout history, the sexual organs of women have been celebrated, regarded as the central haven of health, power, wealth and youth. Every living being on earth has roots in the womb, making the womb the logical domain for a woman’s power source. Besides creating all human life, our wombs also give birth to new ideas, projects, businesses, and much more! The power and magic that women hold in their womb space is unlike anything out there. Women can literally manifest anything when this sacred energy source is tapped into.

– Healthy Motherhood – Reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy, ease labour, and prevent common postpartum issues such as incontinence, vaginal prolapse, and uterine misalignment.


You want to generally start with a larger egg and work your way down to a smaller egg as your yoni muscles become tighter.

My personal recommendations:-

– Clear Quartz – this is the one I first started with to clear energy from all the people I had sex with and picked up energy from and stored in my yoni which was causing blockages in my sexual energy and pleasure. It is the ultimate healer so you can really use these ones for everything, a great one to start out with!

– Rose Quartz – for connecting the Heart to the Yoni (I like to sleep with mine in and rest one hand on my heart and one of my yoni as I go to sleep and consciously connecting them up, also great to incorporate the breathwork practice here). Also good for manifesting!

– Green Adventurine – This is the egg I use in my Sex Magick Rituals (rose quartz is good too for this). It is great to attract love, abundance and success!

– Black Obsidian – heal Womb Trauma. They are a great aid to healing the body and soul as well as a woman’s womb by releasing past problems from sexual abuse, pregnancy loss, abortion. Think of it as a sponge soaking up all your traumas.

I teach yoni egg and wand practices in my Soulgasmic Woman’s Program.

You can purchase the yoni eggs and wands here.

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